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For 2010, one of my new year’s resolutions is to run a marathon. Since buying my first pair of ‘proper’ running shoes last year, I’ve managed to make it through a 10k (much to my team mates’ surprise) and aiming for a half marathon in April, with a full marathon (in Loch Ness) at the start of Oct.

While I’ve been learning to master the art of running long distances, I’ve accidentally found a treasure trove of inspirational and insightful stories about the unlikeliest of runners becoming runners. First, there was “What I talk about when I talk about running” by Haruki Murakami (of Kafka on the Shore), then “The Courage to Start“, by fellow trombonist, John Bingham, and recently, I’ve been following “The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer“.

This week, one trainee-runner’s account seemed particularly poignant:


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We love technology. We love it so much that we start thinking about our next purchase, looking out for the latest in mobile phone, computing, or music technology, almost immediately after our most recent purchase. Thanks to upgrade happinesspeople like us, a hungry demand for new technology has been accelerating the pace of product development and technological change. The tech industry loves us!

BUT, some of us love Mother Nature too, and our monster appetite for all things new and improved in techie toys is having a considerable environmental impact by feeding landfills/waste treatment plants etc and poisoning our soil, water and air. The fastest growing waste stream in the UK is apparently that of electrical goods. So what is a self-respecting technology lover to do?

I ask because I stumbled across a website recently called http://www.lastyearsmodel.org which does what it says on the tin, (more…)

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cheeseI briefly touched on attitudes and responses towards change in an earlier post which is the reason for this quick post. I stumbled across a book at a charity shop recently. It’s about four characters: Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw. The first two are mice; the last two are littlepeople. The book is about their relationship to change.

Who Moved My Cheese, written by Spencer Johnson, is a well known book and has been out for a while. Though it sneakily jumped off the shelf and into my small hands only recently, I had heard about it much earlier but not gotten (more…)

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