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Ever thought about the DNA of your startup, and how it evolves? I gather it’s not Adenine and Guanine we’re talking about here, and not a double helix either, but I’m excited to hear about the recent launch of the Startup Genome Project to map startup evolution. Thanks Gordon Guthrie of Hypernumbers for forwarding this along!

The team behind the Startup Genome Project is kicking off their research, and here’s your chance to take part. You’ll find the initial survey here if you have “4-6 minutes” to chime in, hopefully with willingness to participate in future stages too. The Startup Genome Project was also covered in Fast Company – awesome! I can’t help but wonder their view on previous efforts from YouNoodle and TriStart, but I’m loving the name and very curious to see where this goes. Details from their email invitation below:

Calling all founders and entrepreneurs — (more…)

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We're trying to get one of these... to make us better, and help you more!http://survey.io/survey/6c9ad

We have the privilege of attending a workshop tomorrow with Sean Ellis, a startup marketing guru visiting us from the Silicon Valley.

His talk tonight at E-Club was fantastic, and I’ll pause tomorrow evening to write up some of the wisdom and stories he shared with us.

I could really use some quick help though in the meantime. In order to offer you the best content here, we need a bit of a reality check on our current activities.

We’d be delighted if you can spare five minutes for this helpful little survey for us: http://survey.io/survey/6c9ad. Before noon on Thursday would be amazing, but later is still useful too. In exchange, we’ll do our best to save you hours of confusion and frustration by making events and resources more easily accessible.

Hugely appreciate your help, thank you!

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