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Did any of you see the article in the Metro last month about light sabres? 

A ‘light sabre’ device has been built by adapting blue lasers from home cinema projectors.  Sound cool?  Well it’s not…it’s hot…hot enough to quickly set your skin on fire and blind you instantly.

Yet this device, which the manufacturer says is (more…)

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Following more silliness this week, here’s the latest parody song about why we all want to be big “Tech Stars”. Skip to 45secs to get to the parody:

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Things in startup-land can often mean long nights and even longer days. Over at Startupcafe, we strive to make things a little lighter, a little quirkier and a bit more fun. If you’re running a startup, here’s some top tips that you might want to consider …

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Reduce the costs of your customer support team by not replying to your customers. Soon, you’ll have even less customers to deal with and your support costs will drop to zero. (more…)

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Ever wonder what life in a startup is like? Hasan Veldstra – of Vidiowiki fame – produced this wonderful time-lapse video of him working on a new feature and implementing it. Reminds me a lot of this scene from Big Bang Theory.

How we make Vidiowiki – #1 from Hasan Veldstra on Vimeo.

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