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productforge_2_avatar-01Are you a future entrepreneur? Get experience in working within a team building a Minimum Viable Product over at Product Forge later on in the month. Allan Lloyds, Founder, explains more:
Product Forge weekends are an opportunity for you to develop your career through practical experience. Our events bring together entrepreneurially minded designers, developers and product managers to nurture their skills, broaden their network and develop new ideas. 
Participants form small cross-functional teams who work on a product concept over a weekend. Anyone is free to pitch an idea and everyone receives mentoring, meals and 24 hour access to the venue.
The top ranking teams win prizes to help them develop their career further. But however your team ranks you’ll have a new piece of work to add to your CV or portfolio, dozens of new contacts, and maybe even an interview or two lined up with one of our sponsors!
For more details please visit http://productforge.io

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You may know UXPA Scotland already. You may never have heard of us. Next year we want to look a little further, a little wider. We want to run a programme of talks that better represent the diverse roles and specialisms that live around the UX space.

Maybe you already have a presentation and you’d like to try it with a new group of people? Maybe you’re writing one for another event and would like to trial it first? Maybe you just have an itch to scratch and would like to throw some ideas around with a group of interested people.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Give me a shout via @ryansackett or rmsackett@gmail.com

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I just received this very exciting invite to the Edinburgh Hacklab‘s first birthday party. The Hacklab is one of my favourite Edinburgh establishments, founded by some of our coolest local robot experts. Full details about the Hacklab and party below—see you there! 

Edinburgh Hacklab is the city’s first hackerspace, part of a global movement of spaces created by like-minded individuals worldwide who love to make and hack things. By creating a shared space to do this, we provide access to better facilities than we could each have at home, as well as opportunities to collaborate, learn, and socialise.

We started a year ago with 12 founding members and have grown to 20+ paying members plus many regular visitors spanning diverse backgrounds in engineering, art, and science, using the space in hobby, academic, and professional capacities.

We’ve decked out the lab with a laser cutter, CNC mill and 3D printer letting us fabricate almost anything, we’ve run regular open nights and other events and built loads of cool stuff. And we still have more planned over the next year, including moving to a new and bigger space.

To mark the occasion we are celebrating in style and have booked out the entire ground floor at the Out Of the Blue Drill Hall, complete with bar. As well as the opportunity for a drink with our members and friends, the lab will be open and we’ll be inviting you to see the space and some of the projects we’ve completed over the past year. There will also be a raffle with some great prizes donated by sponsors including Oomlout, O’Reilly, and Los Cardos.

When: Saturday 24th of September 2011 starting at 16:30 till 21:00 (plus pub afterwards for the hardcore)
Where: Out of the Blue, 36 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh EH6 8RG (map: http://g.co/maps/xcuux)

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TEDWe knew the University of Edinburgh’s Professor Harald Haas gave a talk at TED Global earlier this summer. We knew it was about a new spin-out company he’s working on, which turns light bulbs into data sources, aka “li-fi” networks (light-fidelity, li-fi—get it?). What we didn’t know is that it was so fantastic! Hot off the presses and just released by TED, here he is, the amazing Professor Harald Haas!

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After a year in EPIS and probably thousands of hours of preparation, MemoBase is launching a photo scanning service for the UK market. Just in time for the holidays it seems! A quick google search suggests this is a competitive market at the moment, so we were curious what the buzz here is behind this photo scanning flurry. The folks behind the company are Bartek Kubiczek & Michal Wiacek, and we posed some questions to them as they’re in the midst of their big debut.

So what’s MemoBase all about? (more…)

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