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After a year in EPIS and probably thousands of hours of preparation, MemoBase is launching a photo scanning service for the UK market. Just in time for the holidays it seems! A quick google search suggests this is a competitive market at the moment, so we were curious what the buzz here is behind this photo scanning flurry. The folks behind the company are Bartek Kubiczek & Michal Wiacek, and we posed some questions to them as they’re in the midst of their big debut.

So what’s MemoBase all about? (more…)

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Scottish Institute for EnterpriseEvery year, the Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) places a few keen students in every higher education institution in Scotland to discuss and promote entrepreneurship amongst the student community. The 40ish strong team markets the services and events offered by the Universities and SIE such as mentoring, workshops, competitions, talks, and other seminars. (more…)

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adrianEach week, we’ll be interviewing a member of the Startup community to find out about their deepest, darkest secrets! We’ll be profiling developers, as well as CEOs – so no one is safe! This week, Adrian (see photo) has agreed to be our willing victim.

Name:  Adrian Smith

Your role: To find talented adult graduates around the world, bring them to Edinburgh and invest in them to start their own companies. (more…)

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Scotland has much support to offer for entrepreneurs and other would-be entrepreneurs. Here’s a selection:


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