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Designers, developers and marketing professionals are invited to attend the first Startup Weekend (SW) event to come to Edinburgh!

Following a successful SW event in Glasgow earlier this year, enthusiastic calls were made for the same to take place in Edinburgh; and the European coordinator of SW contacted us at StartupCafe to see if we’d be interested in organising the first Edin event.

Over the last couple of months, past SW participants Richard, Kate Ho and I have been busy putting the organisational infrastructure in place and are pleased to see things shaping up quite nicely.  The event will be held 16th – 18th Nov 2012. (more…)

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Let’s give a nice warm welcome to the lovely Diana Proca!  Some of you may recognise her from Launch48, an entrepreneurial events company that organises weekends which bring together designers, developers and business folk with the aim of launching a business in 48hours!  Most of the StartupCafe folk have participated and loved these events, so much so that Jess and Hilary helped organise the first Launch48 event in Edinburgh a few months ago.  Anyway, Diana has kindly given up a few moments of her time to share some of her experiences, offer some advice to startups and reveal a guilty pleasure…

Name: Diana Proca

Your role: Events Manager at Launch48

Give us your company culture in 3 words: enthusiastic, energetic, positive

How old is Launch48? Two years

Based on your experience of startups that are formed during Launch48, what are the most common / most repeated mistakes? (List 3 max)

1. being too enthusiastic but only for a short period of time
2. bad level of communication within the team
3. sticking to the initial vision and lack of flexibility

What’s the next big challenge that Launch48 has to overcome? (more…)

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Andrew Scott from Rummble gave an amusing talk at a recent event aimed at entrepreneurial folk interested in mobile and tablet technologies.  He talked about the DIRTY DOZEN – the name he’s given to mistakes he has made – and offered some advice to those wanting to develop mobile apps.

Depending on your perspective, Rummble is Andrew’s 5th or 6th startup so he’s got plenty of experience to share!

Here is what he had to say:

  1. Don’t choose a cr*p name – Scott once chose Playtex, which seems ok but in the UK it’s known for bras and the USA it is known for sanitary products…!
  2. Build amazingly on one platform – then you can go to a VC and say ‘gimme £3million to do this awesome thing on everything else’ 🙂 (more…)

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If you are interested in:

  • building mobile or iPad apps
  • creating a startup company over a weekend
  • meeting designers, developers or other like-minded types
  • pitching a mobile or tablet based business ideas
  • listening to upcoming mobile and table tech chat from the likes of Adobe, Paypal and Microsoft

then count your lucky stars!

On Nov 26-28th, Launch48 will be holding a mobile and tablet based entrepreneurial event that will allow you the opportunity to pitch a business idea and build up a business in 48hrs!

I’ve been to a couple of Launch48 events now and have found them to be tremendous!  I’ve learnt new things, stepped out of my comfort zone, worked with a variety of people, made some cool friends, been under a wee bit o’ pressure and LAUGHED a lot!  If that’s not incentive enough to take part, what about the free beer and pizza?  Other members of the StartupCafe team who’ve (more…)

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Our Stanford REE Series picks back up with insights from design entrepreneur David Law of Speck Design, Speck Products, and many more companies he’s founded. By guest blogger Kirsty Macgregor.

“Design and build a tool that will carry an egg as far as possible – and come back on Friday with a prototype” was the brief the young David Law was given as he applied for entry to the new, collaborative degree in Product Design and Engineering run by Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art ( back in the dawn of time).  Working on this project created a degree of engagement David hadn’t experienced in years and gave him a taste of the “can do/ hands on” mindset fostered by the course… which was critical to his development. David kicked off his keynote speech on day 2 of the conference with a deliciously deadpan  “walk through (his) memory lane of failure“ which included his first failed attempt at gaining a degree in London leading to his second, formative -and successful- effort in Glasgow. (more…)

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This post is part of our Stanford REE series following last week’s Roundtable on Entrepreneurship Education. Here guest blogger Adam Bock reflects on the opening sessions from Tina Seelig, Jonathan Levie, Michael Clouser, and Heidi Roizen.

As a new entrepreneurship educator who has an entrepreneurial past, I feel keenly aware of the challenges in “teaching” entrepreneurship. Realistically, I learned more about entrepreneurship in the first 6 months of my first start-up company than I did during my 2-year MBA programme. At the same time, I believe that most aspects of entrepreneurship can be taught, and arguably should be taught more broadly to business school students and beyond. (more…)

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adrianEach week, we’ll be interviewing a member of the Startup community to find out about their deepest, darkest secrets! We’ll be profiling developers, as well as CEOs – so no one is safe! This week, Adrian (see photo) has agreed to be our willing victim.

Name:  Adrian Smith

Your role: To find talented adult graduates around the world, bring them to Edinburgh and invest in them to start their own companies. (more…)

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Launch.ed, the University of Edinburgh’s support service for entrepreneurs, is currently redeveloping its website. You can help. What did you like about the old site? What didn’t you like? If you haven’t visited the site before, you can still help. What sites do you currently use to get information about entrepreneurship and related events? (more…)

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