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The Commonwealth School Enterprise Challenge is a unique international business competition for school students, aiming to identify and reward the social entrepreneurs of tomorrow.  Students will get the chance to win fantastic prizes, and gain access to a range of educational resources that will help  students become the business leaders of the future! (more…)

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Who uses Drupal?  Who’s just generally interested in the platform?  And who among you are non-technical decision makers keen to explore the business benefits of using Drupal and open source software in general?

A growing number of you apparently – I hear that the number of Drupal users in Scotland is growing rapidly.  So why not head to Edinburgh University’s Informatics Forum on 25-26th May 2012 to attend DrupalCamp Scotland – a free training and networking event – to meet, learn from and hang out with other users and fans?

Free Drupal training sessions are being planned for Friday 25th May as is a Drupal for Business event aimed at folk who want to understand how the free and flexible, open source modular platform can make a difference to their organisation and clients.  Saturday 26th is to be filled with presentations and discussions to suit all levels of practitioner.  Social events will be arranged for the end of each day. (more…)

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Are you learning, or do you want to learn, programming in Edinburgh?

Then you might want to saunter along to some free networking events in Leith aimed at like-minded folk, where the idea is for you to pair up with other people to study, and also get advice if you don’t know where to start.

A meetup called ‘Learn programming in Edinburgh’ has been organised and…well here’s the blurb on the meetup page:

“Get advice, meet other grasshoppers and find a study partner. We’ll be running some networking events and a 12 week intro class on programming & web development.

Anyone is free to pop along to the networking whether or not they think they might want to join the class.  Especially welcome are non-technical startup co-founders and web/graphic designers! (more…)

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The folks over at Informatics Ventures have kicked off a new series of talks to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. It’s called … iVenture Tuesdays!

First up is Sir Tom Farmer – founder of Kwik-Fit, one of the World’s largest automotive parts repair and replacement specialists. He has spent all of his working life in the Tyre and Automotive industry.

You can sign up here: http://iventuretuesday.eventbrite.com

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The 30sec version:

We’re going to try to be more efficient in how we manage events and job listings on StartupCafe.

Events: add them onto Open Tech Calendar – and you can view them on our ‘Events’ tab. Add ** to the start if it is a one-off event.

Job listings: add them to workinstartups.com – and mark them as Edinburgh – and you can view them on our ‘Jobs’ tab.

Also, if you’re launching something or got some exciting news, drop us a line at hello@startupcafe.co.uk.


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Here’s this week’s events menu …

Monday 23rd May, Lean Startup Lessons Learnt

Startup Lessons Learned 2011 is the sequel to last year’s inaugural event, which brought together nearly 400 entrepreneurs and executives interested in building and supporting lean startups. The goal for this event is to give practitioners and students of the lean startup methodology the opportunity to hear insights from leaders in embracing and deploying the core principles of the lean startup (more…)

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Sorry the events menu is a little late this week, but hope you enjoy the menu. And PLEASE contribute if you think there’s anything we’ve missed off (especially since it looks a bit thin this week):

Monday, 18th April, New Ventures Support Group: PR for Tech Companies

Sarah Lee, Managing Director of public relations company Hot Tin Roof will join us for this month’s meetup. Sarah specialises in PR for small tech companies, and has implemented successful, affordable campaigns for a number of Edinburgh startups and spinouts.

Friday, 22nd April, 8am, Edinburgh Coffee Morning

Every Friday morning, Edinburgh’s creative early risers meet at 8am for breakie, and a chance to share ideas and Web 2.0 finds.

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Better late than never… I hope?

Sorry the first half got truncated as I was homelessly running around Cambridge (more on that tomorrow), and thanks Bela for taking me in in London, but I have completely digressed. If you’ve missed your events fix, still plenty going on this week…

Thursday 31st March: Using Digital Marketing to Build an Online Brand, 6:30pm-8:00pm in Business School LT3

Brought to you by the Internet Marketing Meetup, a specialised partner of the E-Club, and open to all… Thomas Ashdown, Founder of Citylets will lead us in our discussion describing how he has used digital marketing techniques to build the UKs No1 residential lettings site based here in the heart of Edinburgh. Drinks at the Assembly will follow. Internet Marketing Meetup here for more details on them too.

Thursday 31st March: Drinks at SKYBar after above E-Club event, Point Hotel at 34 Bread Street

This bar looks amazing, and Johnny is initiating drinks there following the Internet Marketing/E-Club event. (more…)

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Events Menu: 21st – 27th Feb

Here’s your quick serving of Events and meetups in Edinburgh this week. [Ed: if you read this before 10.45am on Monday, we missed out the two E-club events – make sure you make note of them!]

PSYBT Elevator, 6.15 for 6.30pm, Mon 21st Feb, Shanghai Nightclub, Le Monde

Elevator events are for people aged 18-30 who are in business or are thinking about going into business.  So if you want to meet like minded people to share ideas with, strike business deals and most of all, have a great night out, then Elevator is for you!

Guest speaker this month is Bob McDowell, Vice President of Microsoft. Bob is going to discuss how to maximize income from your existing clients, win new business and also talk about successful strategies that can be implemented in any business to develop and grow it. Following on from Bob’s presentation there will be a Q&A session. (more…)

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Andrew Scott from Rummble gave an amusing talk at a recent event aimed at entrepreneurial folk interested in mobile and tablet technologies.  He talked about the DIRTY DOZEN – the name he’s given to mistakes he has made – and offered some advice to those wanting to develop mobile apps.

Depending on your perspective, Rummble is Andrew’s 5th or 6th startup so he’s got plenty of experience to share!

Here is what he had to say:

  1. Don’t choose a cr*p name – Scott once chose Playtex, which seems ok but in the UK it’s known for bras and the USA it is known for sanitary products…!
  2. Build amazingly on one platform – then you can go to a VC and say ‘gimme £3million to do this awesome thing on everything else’ 🙂 (more…)

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