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There is still a week left if you would like your web or mobile-based startup to apply to Springboard London, a start-up accelerator programme that offers seed capital, office space, a community of entrepreneurs as well as introductions to investors and mentors.

For 13 weeks you will be put through your paces whilst receiving intensive mentoring and business support.  The programme will culminate in an Investor Day where you’ll get to strut your stuff in front of venture capitalists and angel investors.

2011 saw Springboard support startups such as Tastebuds.fm, a music-taste based dating site, apiary.io which helps companies build web APIs quickly and (more…)

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So, as we mentioned a little while ago, Jess has been relocated down to Cambridge to help run the springboard accelerator down there.

As you can imagine, things down there are pretty hectic during the 3 month bootcamp with lots of mentoriing and advice for those participating. But instead of letting all that juicy knowledge escape, Jess has been blogging regularly with little bits of really interesting insights from each day.

Here are some of the highlights: (more…)

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Dear diary, and readers,

I typically highlight other people’s news so this feels a little strange, but as you may have gathered, I have an update I wanted to share with you guys… I’ll be moving to Cambridge very shortly for a job I just couldn’t resist.

Who/what/when… huh?

Remember the Springboard programme we announced last month? The one that’s partnered with TechStars and started by Jon Bradford of the Difference Engine? Well I was offered a chance to help with the Springboard runnings, and while at first I was flabbergasted at the thought of crossing the Scottish border, I came to realise it was too neat an opportunity to pass up. (more…)

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Better late than never… I hope?

Sorry the first half got truncated as I was homelessly running around Cambridge (more on that tomorrow), and thanks Bela for taking me in in London, but I have completely digressed. If you’ve missed your events fix, still plenty going on this week…

Thursday 31st March: Using Digital Marketing to Build an Online Brand, 6:30pm-8:00pm in Business School LT3

Brought to you by the Internet Marketing Meetup, a specialised partner of the E-Club, and open to all… Thomas Ashdown, Founder of Citylets will lead us in our discussion describing how he has used digital marketing techniques to build the UKs No1 residential lettings site based here in the heart of Edinburgh. Drinks at the Assembly will follow. Internet Marketing Meetup here for more details on them too.

Thursday 31st March: Drinks at SKYBar after above E-Club event, Point Hotel at 34 Bread Street

This bar looks amazing, and Johnny is initiating drinks there following the Internet Marketing/E-Club event. (more…)

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You’ve probably heard of TechStars, but have you heard of Springboard? We’re excited to share there is a startup accelerator in Cambridge which opened last year, and you have 5 days left to get your applications in for Spring 2011. You may know Springboard’s MD Jon Bradford from his fun presentation at TechMeetup, where he spoke about running The Difference Engine (another cool accelerator) in Middlesbrough. Basically Jon is awesome and if you’re considering something like this, then stop what you’re doing and definitely get your applications in! You can check out mentors and details at http://springboard.com (applications here), with more info from Jon below:

Springboard applications due to close 20 February

With less than a week to go, Springboard Cambridge is making its final call for applications to its Spring 2011 intake.

Springboard, the only TechStars Network partner in the UK, have assembled over 100 awesome mentors including serial entrepreneurs, Venture Capitals, Y Combinator alumni and all of the major tech corporates to help your startup achieve their real potential.  Springboard ends with the opportunity to pitch to venture capitalists and angel investors. (more…)

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