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Designers, developers and marketing professionals are invited to attend the first Startup Weekend (SW) event to come to Edinburgh!

Following a successful SW event in Glasgow earlier this year, enthusiastic calls were made for the same to take place in Edinburgh; and the European coordinator of SW contacted us at StartupCafe to see if we’d be interested in organising the first Edin event.

Over the last couple of months, past SW participants Richard, Kate Ho and I have been busy putting the organisational infrastructure in place and are pleased to see things shaping up quite nicely.  The event will be held 16th – 18th Nov 2012. (more…)

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Edinburgh will see Scotland’s first Javascript conference held on June 26th 2012 at The Royal College of Physicians on Queen Street.

The editor of Javascript weekly will be delivering the keynote speech and the rest of the day will see the following talks:

  • Nought to real-time, multiplayer game in 16 hours with Pusher: Philip Roberts
  • Garbage Collection & Heap Management in JavaScript: Ryan Sandor Richards
  • DNode – Callbacks all the way down: Tane Piper
  • Responsive Web Design, Mobile First and Progressive enhancement in action: Leonardo Lanese
  • Testing your Backbone from the outside-in: James Newbery
  • Y Not? – Adventures in Functional Programming: Jim Weirich


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You might be interested to know that the first time Eric Ries of Lean Startup and David Heinemeier Hansson engaged in debate was actually in London last year. Or that, at the very same time and place, several conversations were starting between designers and entrepreneurs, laying the foundations for the Lean UX movement we’re seeing grow today.   And the producer of Business Model Generation, who is the CEO of Business Models Inc., was there too, creating the first connections between Business Model Generation and Customer Development – which is why you see “business model canvasses” being used so often as a startup tool today. This was all at an event called Leancamp.

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StartupCafe is a fun and happy place to go to find out about other startups in the scene so that when you encounter folk at coffee mornings, tech meetups, networking evenings, presentations or even the local pub, you might recognise your fellow entrepreneurs (aspiring or otherwise) and feel a connection!

Yes we like to offer news and opinion and generally have a chat on the site but we like to give startups a place to shout their successes, share their lessons, discover what their peers are up to and feel like they belong to a welcoming, funny, supportive, quirky little community.

Are you an Edin based startup?  Let folk know who you are!  Let them know what you do!  Let them recognise you and support you with cheery words of wisdom or a free beer 🙂 (more…)

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Better late than never… I hope?

Sorry the first half got truncated as I was homelessly running around Cambridge (more on that tomorrow), and thanks Bela for taking me in in London, but I have completely digressed. If you’ve missed your events fix, still plenty going on this week…

Thursday 31st March: Using Digital Marketing to Build an Online Brand, 6:30pm-8:00pm in Business School LT3

Brought to you by the Internet Marketing Meetup, a specialised partner of the E-Club, and open to all… Thomas Ashdown, Founder of Citylets will lead us in our discussion describing how he has used digital marketing techniques to build the UKs No1 residential lettings site based here in the heart of Edinburgh. Drinks at the Assembly will follow. Internet Marketing Meetup here for more details on them too.

Thursday 31st March: Drinks at SKYBar after above E-Club event, Point Hotel at 34 Bread Street

This bar looks amazing, and Johnny is initiating drinks there following the Internet Marketing/E-Club event. (more…)

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This is a work in progress as I am in a slight rush to catch my flight (hopefully), but I wanted to get this started… Please feel free to help crowd-source a full list here – just add any events to the comments, and we’ll see how much we can gather! 🙂

Monday 21st March

Tuesday 22nd March

Wednesday 23rd March

Thursday 24th March: Edinburgh Startup Jelly, 9am-9pm at The Melting Pot, 5 Rose Street

Are you in the start-up stage of your business? Do you want somewhere to come meet & chat with other start ups? Do you want a day to focus on work in a real office with free tea & coffee? (more…)

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With a wonderful new meetup on the Scottish startup scenes that we should have spotlighted sooner, big thanks to Gordon Guthrie of Hypernumbers for offering this introduction. Scottish Lean Circle has been going for several months now, and the next monthly meeting is coming up Wednesday 19th January, 7:30pm at 39A Grassmarket (Winterwell HQ). I highly encourage you to familiarise yourself with this group, and jump in if you’d like to learn/share/strategise with other startup folks… More details from Gordon:

It is time to introduce the Scottish Lean Circle to the Scottish startup public properly.

1. What Is Lean?

Lean start-ups are the merger or a number of different ‘traditions’, ranging from Japanese manufacturing techniques (the Toyota Production System and 6 Sigma) to agile (and agile-like) software development and the dramatic drop in cost of starting an internet start-up.

There is a ‘business stack’ emerging:


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First of all, whatever you’re celebrating, happy holidays! I brought the Scottish rain with me to California, so I’m not very popular back home right now, but sending lots of good wishes to Edinburgh and beyond this week. Hope you have a wonderful time filled with good food, good company, and some well-earned rest! Well ok, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad 🙂

Monday 20th December: Listening Lunch #2 & Christmas Drinks, 12pm on Appleton Tower 8th Floor

An invitation from Informatics Ventures to “get everyone’s input on things that Informatics Ventures could do to support you,” to hear what’s working and what could be improved. I know some folks are boycotting this meeting after the last one was – to put it mildly, disastrous – but I *hope* this one is more productive and less defensive. At the very least, enjoy a free buffet from 12 noon and drinks after the meeting. But watch what you say if you don’t want an eviction notice the next day (possibly unrelated, but a terribly unfortunate coincidence). You can see the online forum for discussions: Appleton Venture Community.

Wednesday 22nd December: Glasgow TechMeetup, 7pm at 103 Trongate 5th Floor

Monthly gathering for anyone interested in tech, from developers to startups to innocent curiosities. It’s a thriving grassroots effort, and each month generally features a small variety of presentations to share expertise on what people are up to and what they have learned along the way. Not sure what presentations are this month, but looks like it’s going ahead… Just turn up, and enjoy free beer, pizza and good chat! (more…)

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Good news for startup land! Guardian blogger Michael MacLeod is set to join the Appleton Tower community starting this coming week. You may have met Michael out and about covering an array of stories in Edinburgh, from the tuition protests to tram updates to plans for The New Victoria.

While his remit is the wider Edinburgh community, I can’t imagine


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Anyone snowed in today with a cup of tea? Well get your boots and gloves ready – there are some events this week worth braving the crazy weather for! In case you didn’t notice, I must also confess a mild obsession with holiday festivals, and have slipped in a couple of the local lights celebrations too 🙂

Tuesday 30th November: Launch Lab with *Heidi Roizen!* 9am at Renroc (89-91 Montgomery)

GO! >> We have invited the inspiring speaker and current Edinburgh University Entrepreneur-in-Residence to Heidi Roizen to our Launch Lab meetup!! Heidi is a Silicon Valley executive, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur, but most of all, she talks openly about the real and human elements of building a successful business from nothing. The trails and tribulations, the good times and bad, Heidi will be attending our Launch Lab sessions to answer any of your questions about the real life, every day exicting (and terrifying) world of business. And trust us, she’s well worth a visit!

Tuesday 30th November: Live stream of £5 million Metadata Opportunity Workshop, 10:20am-12:30pm (#tsbmeta)


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