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This week’s willing victim (I mean entrepreneur!) is final year student Gregor Wilson who is also the CFO and Partner of VAN DER, a small startup that will launch next week!  I posted an article about the company a couple of days ago.  If you haven’t had enough of a fix of VAN DER news then you’re in the right place to consume a wee bit more!

Name:  Gregor Wilson

Your role: CFO and Partner of VAN DER.

Give us your company culture in 3 words: Fashion-focussed, affordable, passionate

What’s the next big challenge that Van Der has to overcome? Expanding next season to include womenswear and a jeans line – (Startupcafe: I’m looking forward to the womenswear range!)

What’s the personal dream? To live a working lifestyle that I never want to give up, rather than having a ‘job’, and help others do the same –(StartupCafe: bit like us then!)

What’s the professional dream? To rival and surpass the major players on the highstreet and online. (more…)

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We were blown away last week by the Student Market, the new place for young entrepreneurs to get seen and promoted. We covered the project earlier this month, and their launch event last Thursday evening was absolutely superb.

The event was a chance for student entrepreneurs to exhibit their businesses, ranging from web apps to fashion to race car driving. With about 20 companies of all types on display, it drew an impressive crowd of around 200 visitors throughout the evening.

The Student Market is an online portal showcasing student businesses, but it’s more than just a website. It’s also events like these where student entrepreneurs can exhibit, meet each other, and speak directly to potential customers in a friendly environment. And beyond that, it’s the creation of a supportive community. (more…)

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There’s a new site in town to help startups get spotted, and we’re delighted to see The Student Market showcase products and services from student entrepreneurs. The project has been pioneered by one of our favourite student groups iCUE Business & Entrepreneurial Society, and we’re excited to go exhibit and support their launch event tomorrow night – everyone is welcome, join us and check out the student startup scene!

Launch Event: Thursday 18th November, 7:30-9:00pm, Appleton Tower Concourse
Open to startups, students, the curious, potential customers, and the wider business community – yes, everyone 🙂
Free with free wine and snacks too!

More juicy details from The Student Market team: (more…)

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Dear StartupCafe readers,

You’ve been selected for a personal invite because someone here thinks you’re awesome.

And I’m sure you have a lot going on, and little time for random invites to amazing events.

SO, to be quick, we have a really WOW! Conference this Friday for anyone interested in biz, tech, or starting companies.

And then we have a WOW! Weekend where we’re going to create new startup companies using ideas from attendees and your mad skills – whether you’re into business, design, development, marketing, or nunchuck.

You will end the weekend feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD.

You can still sign up, but hurry because we’re going to fill up – we just hope we fill up with people like YOU!!

Registration: http://edinburgh.launch48.com/tickets/

See you there,

StartupCafe & your Launch48 fan club

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It’s an exciting time for Scottish startup Kiltr, a networking and social media site with a strong Scottish national flavour. We met with CEO Brian Hughes Halferty last year to hear about the company, and he seems like a really cool guy to work with. Having secured funding and launched the site in private beta, they are now ready to expand the Kiltr team! We’ve posted a number of opportunities for developers, and I’m happy to point out there’s a digital marketing position on offer as well as 2 roles for .NET gurus. So have a look and pass this on to anyone else that might be interested.

So, what does Kiltr do?
Professional Networking
Platform +  social media website

Why are you guys awesome?
We are focused on developing
great products and services  using the latest social networking technologies and at the same time building an innovative and fun company culture.

What position are you hiring for?

x2 .NET guys/Girls and x1 Digital marketing person (full or p/t) (more…)

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Further to Kate’s recent article about CereProc giving Roger Ebert his voice back, it’s awesome to see them on CBS News. The footage was shown yesterday afternoon, and a couple of us on the 6th floor were drawn into the CereProc office upon hearing their excited reactions. They certainly picked a beautiful spot to show off the city too!

Video 1: Company Restores Roger Ebert's Voice


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Local startup and Appleton Tower resident, CereProc, has been working with world famous film critic, Roger Ebert, in regaining his voice. Ebert lost his voice due to surgery in 2007 for thyroid cancer; CereProc, which has developed technology that can synthesis voices from previous samples, used Ebert’s extensive library of DVD commentary and film archives to reproduce his voice. (more…)

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As some of you will rememeber, the very successful Engage | Invest | Exploit event was held on 29th April this year, with the keynote speaker being Guy Kawasaki. There’s a voxpop of the day available (see above), and the full video of Guy’s keynote talk available here.

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