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Scottish entrepreneur Fraser Doherty, of Superjam, has launched an iPhone app that is ‘jam-packed’ (his words) with recipes for all sorts of jammy treats. The app contains videos, stories and photographs of the recipes.

Doherty (aka Jam Man to his friends) has been extremely busy of late; in April this year he launched his second book SuperBusiness, a guide to “starting your own business, having fun and doing good along the way”.

This guy started out as a teenager making jam in his kitchen, using his grandmother’s secret recipe, and knocking on his neighbours’ doors to sell them. Since then he’s gone on to supply major UK (more…)

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The excellent fountain of knowledge, Ben Werdmuller, posted a really interesting article which he highlights three things to consider if you’re deciding to be a tech entrepreneur (here are my favourite snippets):

1. Leaders vs Developers – “… being a great leader is not always the same skillset as being a great developer. And neither is necessarily the same as being a great businessperson … The details-orientated, engineering mindset that development demands is also well suited to building a company, as long as this is accompanied by those empathic people skills and a willingness to learn. And in fact, the best developers areinformed, decisive, empathic, persuasive, selfless and great communicators.” (more…)

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My dad is full of good lessons. I’m sure I didn’t appreciate it as a kid, but I am starting to pay better attention to our breakfast conversations. Yesterday’s lesson was the following:

The only reason to have a job as an employee is so you can learn the business and go out and do something with it.

Hmmmm… as if the eggs and hash browns weren’t enough, that certainly offered some food for thought. So, I just wanted to throw that statement out there. I could think of a few other reasons for having a job as an employee – such as a steady paycheck, sleeping regularly, having a real weekend – but I think the novelty of those factors would wear off pretty quickly.

So, what do you think? Have you taken key insights from employee life to entrepreneur life? If you could have worked anywhere else prior to your current startup, what employee experience do you *wish* you had? (more…)

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This week’s willing victim (I mean entrepreneur!) is final year student Gregor Wilson who is also the CFO and Partner of VAN DER, a small startup that will launch next week!  I posted an article about the company a couple of days ago.  If you haven’t had enough of a fix of VAN DER news then you’re in the right place to consume a wee bit more!

Name:  Gregor Wilson

Your role: CFO and Partner of VAN DER.

Give us your company culture in 3 words: Fashion-focussed, affordable, passionate

What’s the next big challenge that Van Der has to overcome? Expanding next season to include womenswear and a jeans line – (Startupcafe: I’m looking forward to the womenswear range!)

What’s the personal dream? To live a working lifestyle that I never want to give up, rather than having a ‘job’, and help others do the same –(StartupCafe: bit like us then!)

What’s the professional dream? To rival and surpass the major players on the highstreet and online. (more…)

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