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So, as we mentioned a little while ago, Jess has been relocated down to Cambridge to help run the springboard accelerator down there.

As you can imagine, things down there are pretty hectic during the 3 month bootcamp with lots of mentoriing and advice for those participating. But instead of letting all that juicy knowledge escape, Jess has been blogging regularly with little bits of really interesting insights from each day.

Here are some of the highlights: (more…)

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The excellent fountain of knowledge, Ben Werdmuller, posted a really interesting article which he highlights three things to consider if you’re deciding to be a tech entrepreneur (here are my favourite snippets):

1. Leaders vs Developers – “… being a great leader is not always the same skillset as being a great developer. And neither is necessarily the same as being a great businessperson … The details-orientated, engineering mindset that development demands is also well suited to building a company, as long as this is accompanied by those empathic people skills and a willingness to learn. And in fact, the best developers areinformed, decisive, empathic, persuasive, selfless and great communicators.” (more…)

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Andrew Scott from Rummble gave an amusing talk at a recent event aimed at entrepreneurial folk interested in mobile and tablet technologies.  He talked about the DIRTY DOZEN – the name he’s given to mistakes he has made – and offered some advice to those wanting to develop mobile apps.

Depending on your perspective, Rummble is Andrew’s 5th or 6th startup so he’s got plenty of experience to share!

Here is what he had to say:

  1. Don’t choose a cr*p name – Scott once chose Playtex, which seems ok but in the UK it’s known for bras and the USA it is known for sanitary products…!
  2. Build amazingly on one platform – then you can go to a VC and say ‘gimme £3million to do this awesome thing on everything else’ 🙂 (more…)

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The first of E-Club’s Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) sessions for 2010/2011 is now open for bookings!

A visiting professor at the Business School and founder partner of corporate finance boutique Equitas. Gavin’s particular interests are in financials and building the team. An entrepreneur and corporate financier who helps young companies grow, Gavin advises on strategy and finance, trains technology innovators on presenting the business case, and invests in young companies as a business angel.

Whether you want to discuss an existing startup or a new idea, this is a handy chance to get some fresh advice with an hour of Gavin’s time. Sessions are available 10am-4pm Friday in the Business School (George Square), so sign up here if you want to take advantage – click on Gavin Don to see what times are still open, and enjoy!

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icassSo you’ve got a product. You want to commercialise it but don’t know what your rights are regarding your intellectual property (IP)?

The Innovators Counselling and Advisory Service for Scotland (ICASS) is an independent organisation funded by the Scottish Government to provide a free, impartial and confidential service to businesses regarding their IP. Accroding to their website, they are strictly an advisory service. (more…)

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