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Dear diary, and readers,

I typically highlight other people’s news so this feels a little strange, but as you may have gathered, I have an update I wanted to share with you guys… I’ll be moving to Cambridge very shortly for a job I just couldn’t resist.

Who/what/when… huh?

Remember the Springboard programme we announced last month? The one that’s partnered with TechStars and started by Jon Bradford of the Difference Engine? Well I was offered a chance to help with the Springboard runnings, and while at first I was flabbergasted at the thought of crossing the Scottish border, I came to realise it was too neat an opportunity to pass up. (more…)

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Let’s give a nice warm welcome to the lovely Diana Proca!  Some of you may recognise her from Launch48, an entrepreneurial events company that organises weekends which bring together designers, developers and business folk with the aim of launching a business in 48hours!  Most of the StartupCafe folk have participated and loved these events, so much so that Jess and Hilary helped organise the first Launch48 event in Edinburgh a few months ago.  Anyway, Diana has kindly given up a few moments of her time to share some of her experiences, offer some advice to startups and reveal a guilty pleasure…

Name: Diana Proca

Your role: Events Manager at Launch48

Give us your company culture in 3 words: enthusiastic, energetic, positive

How old is Launch48? Two years

Based on your experience of startups that are formed during Launch48, what are the most common / most repeated mistakes? (List 3 max)

1. being too enthusiastic but only for a short period of time
2. bad level of communication within the team
3. sticking to the initial vision and lack of flexibility

What’s the next big challenge that Launch48 has to overcome? (more…)

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There’s a wonderful conference on in London this June, and with an impressive lineup of tech & startup speakers I dare say the Inspire Conference is worth a trip across the border! Tickets are an investment at £299 +VAT (or £149 +VAT for students!), so I’m sorry it’s not a free event, but I’d encourage you to have a look and see if the connections and experience may be worth your while.

Running 7th-8th June, the Inspire Conference is brought to you by the folks that created Launch48, so we’ve been very impressed with them before. You can have a sneak peak at the speakers so far – including Michael Birch (founder of Bebo) and Alex Breuer (design editor of The Times) – and I’ve included more details from the conference team below.

Note the “early bird” price lasts until this Monday 28th Feb, so if you’re going to book eventually, the earlier the better deal you’ll get. Are you eager to go, but can’t possibly afford a ticket? *Please comment below if so!* We are putting out a call for help to Informatics Ventures, Launch.ed, and SIE in case one of them is able to help subsidise some Scottish entrepreneurs who consider anything beyond Tesco Value noodles to be a splurge. We hear ya!! Make sure you comment below or email me jess [at] startupcafe.co.uk if a subsidy would make a real difference – I can’t promise anything, but I promise to ask! More details: (more…)

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Andrew Scott from Rummble gave an amusing talk at a recent event aimed at entrepreneurial folk interested in mobile and tablet technologies.  He talked about the DIRTY DOZEN – the name he’s given to mistakes he has made – and offered some advice to those wanting to develop mobile apps.

Depending on your perspective, Rummble is Andrew’s 5th or 6th startup so he’s got plenty of experience to share!

Here is what he had to say:

  1. Don’t choose a cr*p name – Scott once chose Playtex, which seems ok but in the UK it’s known for bras and the USA it is known for sanitary products…!
  2. Build amazingly on one platform – then you can go to a VC and say ‘gimme £3million to do this awesome thing on everything else’ 🙂 (more…)

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I’ll be heading off to the Launch48 Mobile Weekend which kicks off tomorrow evening in London (well actually Richmond, Surrey).  Here’s the programme if you’re interested in attending. There are still a few tickets if you want to turn up. If you’re afraid you don’t know much about mobile technologies fear not!  The event is as much about LEARNING as it is about doing.



6:00 to 6:30 pm  Registration

6:30 to 7:00 pm  Introduction and example (more…)

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If you are interested in:

  • building mobile or iPad apps
  • creating a startup company over a weekend
  • meeting designers, developers or other like-minded types
  • pitching a mobile or tablet based business ideas
  • listening to upcoming mobile and table tech chat from the likes of Adobe, Paypal and Microsoft

then count your lucky stars!

On Nov 26-28th, Launch48 will be holding a mobile and tablet based entrepreneurial event that will allow you the opportunity to pitch a business idea and build up a business in 48hrs!

I’ve been to a couple of Launch48 events now and have found them to be tremendous!  I’ve learnt new things, stepped out of my comfort zone, worked with a variety of people, made some cool friends, been under a wee bit o’ pressure and LAUGHED a lot!  If that’s not incentive enough to take part, what about the free beer and pizza?  Other members of the StartupCafe team who’ve (more…)

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Hugging sales staff

“Businesses don’t fail because of lack of funding; they fail because of lack of hope.  Your first few sales will give you hope”  said Julian Lloyd Evans (Dennis Publishing) at the last London Launch48 Conference (themed Top Tips for Entrepreneurs).

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs was that you should have in mind your first 20 sales when you start up your business. (more…)

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If you haven’t seen it already, I did a quick summary of Launch48 using the tweets that everyone sent. But if you don’t have time and just want to skip straight to the good bits, here’s my run down of the best tweets of the weekend… (other nominations welcome)

Funniest tweet: paulanthonywils: Feck me. Someone just pitched a flying car for #launch48

Most accurate description of Launch48: @markoscharatzas: If I was to pitch #launch48 in one sentence. “A box where you put a group of strangers inside it and shake it frenzy for 48 hours”

Best Feature Requestjarofgreen: Does @zzzappa_app have a snooze button? #launch48

Worst punJessInScotland: Hmmm is this my solemate!?!? #launch48(#seemyjeans)http://yfrog.com/e8hprij

Best benefit of an app: @glennbuchan Run2see keeps you safe from neds and bears!#launch48

Most insightful tweet: Tech_Literate: Really good talented people aren’t looking for jobs – have to meet them through contacts and persuade them – Simon Montford #launch48

Biggest statement tweet: markoscharatzas: After #launch48 demo people said to me “great acting”,”awesome monologue”,”amazing show”.It was neither scripted nor acting but a statement.

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Dear StartupCafe readers,

You’ve been selected for a personal invite because someone here thinks you’re awesome.

And I’m sure you have a lot going on, and little time for random invites to amazing events.

SO, to be quick, we have a really WOW! Conference this Friday for anyone interested in biz, tech, or starting companies.

And then we have a WOW! Weekend where we’re going to create new startup companies using ideas from attendees and your mad skills – whether you’re into business, design, development, marketing, or nunchuck.

You will end the weekend feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD.

You can still sign up, but hurry because we’re going to fill up – we just hope we fill up with people like YOU!!

Registration: http://edinburgh.launch48.com/tickets/

See you there,

StartupCafe & your Launch48 fan club

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Here at Startup Cafe we’ve been getting geared up and really excited about the upcoming Launch48 event! We’ve been talking to everyone about it and even got the folks at the Guardian excited too! But we know that a few people have been a little confused or might not quite understand what the weekend entails. So, since we know you are all busy people, Jess and Hilary have done two very short videos to explain the weekend and also answer your frequently asked questions. Enjoy!

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