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The other day we received a message on our Facebook page:

“Hey, I’ve just graduated from Glasgow university and want to get into the startup scene. Getting involved with a current startup seems to be what is mostly advised on the web as a good way to start, but I’ve been researching on the internet and can’t find anywhere where there is any info on startups that are hiring in Scotland or the UK for that matter, perhaps there aren’t any hiring outside people? Any advice on where to look or any other advice would be appreciated…”

This would be the perfect opportunity to introduce a new company called…wait for it…WorkInStartups, which helps people find exciting jobs in awesome startups.

Founder Diana Proca (formerly of Launch48) has been extremely busy over the last couple of months looking for jobs within UK startups to advertise on her site, and she’s found loads!  There are lots of exciting roles for designers, developers, marketers, sales folk, managers as well as a variety of intern positions for people wanting to gain experience. (more…)

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Let’s give a nice warm welcome to the lovely Diana Proca!  Some of you may recognise her from Launch48, an entrepreneurial events company that organises weekends which bring together designers, developers and business folk with the aim of launching a business in 48hours!  Most of the StartupCafe folk have participated and loved these events, so much so that Jess and Hilary helped organise the first Launch48 event in Edinburgh a few months ago.  Anyway, Diana has kindly given up a few moments of her time to share some of her experiences, offer some advice to startups and reveal a guilty pleasure…

Name: Diana Proca

Your role: Events Manager at Launch48

Give us your company culture in 3 words: enthusiastic, energetic, positive

How old is Launch48? Two years

Based on your experience of startups that are formed during Launch48, what are the most common / most repeated mistakes? (List 3 max)

1. being too enthusiastic but only for a short period of time
2. bad level of communication within the team
3. sticking to the initial vision and lack of flexibility

What’s the next big challenge that Launch48 has to overcome? (more…)

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