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Note the Edinburgh Science Festival is running 9th-22nd April, so you have a great excuse to get out of the office and explore some events there too!

Monday 11th April: Discovering Startling things from your Version Control System (BCS event), 6:30pm at Informatics Forum 4.31

The industry is awash in an epidemic of bad code. We all know what bad code looks like – it’s opaque and impenetrable. But, we spend little time trying to figure out how it got that way. We assume it’s tight schedules or lack of discipline, but perhaps there’s more. In this talk, Michael Feathers (Chief Scientist at Obtiva Corporation) will relate several things that he’s learned by taking a longitudinal view of a system – by issuing queries of a code base and relating the results back to events on a team. This event is put on by the organisation formerly known as the British Computing Society.

Tuesday 12th April: SiCamp Brainstorming event, 6-8pm at The Waverley (3-5 St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh)

As we mentioned last week here, Social Innovation Camp is holding a “call for ideas” event to get the creative juices flowing before the SiCamp event this June. Join Social Innovation Camp for an evening of thinking about how we can use technology to tackle social problems ~ specifically social isolation this time around. You don’t need to know anything about technology to take part; just an interest in making your world a better place. It’s a chance to (more…)

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Dear diary, and readers,

I typically highlight other people’s news so this feels a little strange, but as you may have gathered, I have an update I wanted to share with you guys… I’ll be moving to Cambridge very shortly for a job I just couldn’t resist.

Who/what/when… huh?

Remember the Springboard programme we announced last month? The one that’s partnered with TechStars and started by Jon Bradford of the Difference Engine? Well I was offered a chance to help with the Springboard runnings, and while at first I was flabbergasted at the thought of crossing the Scottish border, I came to realise it was too neat an opportunity to pass up. (more…)

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Apologies up front. This is probably a bit of a rant but I hope there’s a serious point to be gotten at here.

Last night, I was at Techmeetup presenting the rough plan for the startupcafe mobile app.

I have to say, I got a bit of a curious reaction.

Let me give a bit of context first … Startupcafe started about a year and a half ago because a few of us were frustrated that we were going to startup events, but there was no central place to find out about them. We thought it would be a good idea to post news and events for other people to hear about, as well as pointing out local successes to help make startup life a little bit less lonely. Eventually, we’ve even gone on to do interviews and write up proper articles – something none of us have trained for.

Like quite a few other meetups in the city, it is really ran by a group of people that are doing it in their spare time. It’s a labour of love. Despite the hours, we love helping people and the reactions that we get when someone has found something of value through us. It’s a side project.


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First of all, whatever you’re celebrating, happy holidays! I brought the Scottish rain with me to California, so I’m not very popular back home right now, but sending lots of good wishes to Edinburgh and beyond this week. Hope you have a wonderful time filled with good food, good company, and some well-earned rest! Well ok, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad 🙂

Monday 20th December: Listening Lunch #2 & Christmas Drinks, 12pm on Appleton Tower 8th Floor

An invitation from Informatics Ventures to “get everyone’s input on things that Informatics Ventures could do to support you,” to hear what’s working and what could be improved. I know some folks are boycotting this meeting after the last one was – to put it mildly, disastrous – but I *hope* this one is more productive and less defensive. At the very least, enjoy a free buffet from 12 noon and drinks after the meeting. But watch what you say if you don’t want an eviction notice the next day (possibly unrelated, but a terribly unfortunate coincidence). You can see the online forum for discussions: Appleton Venture Community.

Wednesday 22nd December: Glasgow TechMeetup, 7pm at 103 Trongate 5th Floor

Monthly gathering for anyone interested in tech, from developers to startups to innocent curiosities. It’s a thriving grassroots effort, and each month generally features a small variety of presentations to share expertise on what people are up to and what they have learned along the way. Not sure what presentations are this month, but looks like it’s going ahead… Just turn up, and enjoy free beer, pizza and good chat! (more…)

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Wednesday 10th November: Edinburgh Tech Meetup, 6:30pm at Appleton Tower 8th Floor

A monthly gathering of folks interested in tech, from startups to developers to innocent bystanders. This month’s speakers include Jonathan Riddell – Introduction to Qt, Tony Lucas – Infrastructure as a Service, and Tane Piper – NodeJS + ExpressJS. There’s always a lot to learn, new people to meet, and oh yeah – free beer and pizza! It’s all free and open to anyone, just turn up on the 8th Floor.

Thursday 11th November: E-Club Heidi Roizen: Wow, an Inspiration! 6-8pm, Business School Auditorium

An evening of drinks, networking, and Q&A with one of Silicon Valley’s most impressive businesswomen! Heidi co-founded T/Maker Company. (an early personal computer software company) in 1983, where she served as CEO from inception through to its acquisition by Deluxe Corporation in 1994. In 1996 Heidi joined Apple as Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations. From there, Heidi entered the venture capital world serving as a Managing Director of Mobius Venture Capital from 1999 to 2007. Today Heidi splits her time between her entrepreneurial endeavour, SkinnySongs and board service in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Networking and drinks kick off at 6pm, and the talk will begin 6:30pm. More drinks to follow of course! Free and open to all. (more…)

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Tuesday 12th October: E-Club “Re-sparking the Embers and Starting a Fire,” 6:30-8:00pm at Business School Auditorium (29 Buccleuch Place)

Taking over someone else’s product is hard enough but when all your staff work for free it’s even tougher. Phil Harris, SquareGo Editor-in-Chief, talks frankly about how he got the ear of the owner, took the reigns of the website, organised the staff, delegated duties, developed external relationships, convinced staff to join his team and dealt with crises whilst increasing readership. Now sitting close to his first set target for the year he discusses what’s to come and how lies, damned lies and statistics can be used to help you convince people to get on board. Free, and free wine…

Tuesday 12th October: Glasgow GirlGeek Dinner, 6pm at University of Glasgow

Our Keynote Speakers are: Heidi Roizen Heidi splits her time between her entrepreneurial endeavour, SkinnySongs and board service in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. In 2008 Heidi was named the Annual Achievement Award Winner by the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives.  (more…)

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VC Eddie Anderson of Pentech Ventures is being held accountable for curing his own depression. At TechCrunch Ediburgh on Wednesday, Eddie confessed he has become a depressed VC due to the lack of innovation in Scottish startups. Sitting next to TechMeetup founder Sam Collins in the audience, I was glad to see somebody else terribly frustrated with the fact that these accusations lacked a plan of action. Q&A did not due the issue justice.

Thankfully Sam has written him a brilliant letter, which has sparked a great debate in the last 24 hours (50 comments already!). Copy of the letter below, but please put your comments on the original post here so they are all in one place.

Dear Eddie,

First of all, thank for you for coming to Engage Invest Exploit/TechCrunch Edinburgh and being so open in your thoughts on the Scottish startup space. This letter would not be possible, nor could any progress ever be made without you first being so honest about your feelings – so please accept my appreciation. Those that know me will know I’m not a moaner – I write this letter with the sole purpose of resolving this problem and with your assistance, will commit time and effort to achieving the desired result. (more…)

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