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Note the Edinburgh Science Festival is running 9th-22nd April, so you have a great excuse to get out of the office and explore some events there too!

Monday 11th April: Discovering Startling things from your Version Control System (BCS event), 6:30pm at Informatics Forum 4.31

The industry is awash in an epidemic of bad code. We all know what bad code looks like – it’s opaque and impenetrable. But, we spend little time trying to figure out how it got that way. We assume it’s tight schedules or lack of discipline, but perhaps there’s more. In this talk, Michael Feathers (Chief Scientist at Obtiva Corporation) will relate several things that he’s learned by taking a longitudinal view of a system – by issuing queries of a code base and relating the results back to events on a team. This event is put on by the organisation formerly known as the British Computing Society.

Tuesday 12th April: SiCamp Brainstorming event, 6-8pm at The Waverley (3-5 St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh)

As we mentioned last week here, Social Innovation Camp is holding a “call for ideas” event to get the creative juices flowing before the SiCamp event this June. Join Social Innovation Camp for an evening of thinking about how we can use technology to tackle social problems ~ specifically social isolation this time around. You don’t need to know anything about technology to take part; just an interest in making your world a better place. It’s a chance to (more…)

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