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First of all, whatever you’re celebrating, happy holidays! I brought the Scottish rain with me to California, so I’m not very popular back home right now, but sending lots of good wishes to Edinburgh and beyond this week. Hope you have a wonderful time filled with good food, good company, and some well-earned rest! Well ok, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad 🙂

Monday 20th December: Listening Lunch #2 & Christmas Drinks, 12pm on Appleton Tower 8th Floor

An invitation from Informatics Ventures to “get everyone’s input on things that Informatics Ventures could do to support you,” to hear what’s working and what could be improved. I know some folks are boycotting this meeting after the last one was – to put it mildly, disastrous – but I *hope* this one is more productive and less defensive. At the very least, enjoy a free buffet from 12 noon and drinks after the meeting. But watch what you say if you don’t want an eviction notice the next day (possibly unrelated, but a terribly unfortunate coincidence). You can see the online forum for discussions: Appleton Venture Community.

Wednesday 22nd December: Glasgow TechMeetup, 7pm at 103 Trongate 5th Floor

Monthly gathering for anyone interested in tech, from developers to startups to innocent curiosities. It’s a thriving grassroots effort, and each month generally features a small variety of presentations to share expertise on what people are up to and what they have learned along the way. Not sure what presentations are this month, but looks like it’s going ahead… Just turn up, and enjoy free beer, pizza and good chat! (more…)

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They are both topics of upcoming workshops, with fully subsidised spots on offer from Informatics Ventures!

If you are a founder/director of a startup or SME with ‘high growth potential’, then you’re in luck. You’ll need to confirm eligibility with Andrew Mitchell – andrew.mitchell@ed.ac.uk – but the workshops truly are free for you and even meals are included. I’ve attended these two workshops in the past, and can vouch they were great both for the content and for the chance to meet other attendees. So have a look, sign up, and spread the word to anyone else who should take advantage!

10th-11th June: New Approaches to Leadership for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

New Approaches to Leadership for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs, Managers & CEOs by Professor Fiona Murray, MIT Sloan School of Management, Laura Barker Morse, Managing Director, Entrepreneurship Ventures, Inc. and (more…)

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For those of you who are interested in all things mobile, the regular Mobile Apps Group run by Informatics Ventures has been moved to 24th Feb.

There is no Mobile Apps Group meeting this week. This month, the Informatics Mobile Apps group is meeting in Inspace on Wednesday, 24 February at 18.30. We are putting together a panel of speakers to give their thoughts on what’s in store for 2010. (more…)

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Monday, 1st February: MoMo Edinburgh lunch, 12:30-2pm at Centotre

Mobile Monday Edinburgh’s monthly affair at Centotre, featuring good mobile discussions and a bit of prep as folks get ready for Mobile World Congress coming up in Barcelona. Buy a ticket online to RSVP, does cost ÂŁ10.95 but that covers a pasta, glass of wine and espresso – a tasty deal.

Tuesday, 2nd February: Stanford’s Director of Technology Transfer, 6:30pm at Business School LT1

Hosted by E-Club, this talk looks at how to build an innovative and vibrant academic-industrial community. What does technology transfer and new venture creation at Stanford University look like? What practices make it successful, and what can we learn from its model? Why has it had such an impact on Silicon Valley? Come and learn from Katherine Ku, Director of Stanford’s Technology Transfer Office. No need to RSVP, and free wine and crisps from 8pm… (more…)

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Monday, 25th January: ELEVATOR networking, 6 for 6:30pm at Why Not? (George St)

Organised by PSYBT, these events are for anyone aged 18-30 who are in business or are thinking about going into business. Would you like to meet other young entrepreneurs and share ideas and inspiration? Are you aged 18-30, in business or thinking about it? Free to go, and pretty sure there’s free wine and/or canapes. Think an RSVP is ideal (email fiona.turnbull@psybt.org.uk to book), or you might be able to crash if it’s not full.

Tuesday, 26th January: CEO of Lastminute.com, 6:30pm at Business School LT1

Hosted by E-Club, CEO Ian McCaig will share the awesome story of one of the world’s most successful travel websites Lastminute.com. He was formerly COO for Nokia, so not a bad track record… plus he’s a University of Edinburgh alum! Quite a neat speaker to catch this week, definitely go if you can. Free wine and crisps from 8pm, and no need to RSVP for any of it. (more…)

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Hidden treasures? No it's not hidden, come and get it!We are always sad to hear when people missed incredible events because they didn’t know they were happening. Do not let this be you.

High-profile speakers from the Silicon Valley have been offering extended workshops in a cozy setting – it is wonderful how spoiled we are over here. Our Valley guests work tirelessly while they’re here, offering a wonderful talk at E-Club one evening and then going into more depth for a select crowd. If you want to be one of the 15 attendees sitting around a table with the co-founder of Reddit.com or partner of Labrador Ventures, listen up.

Thanks to Informatics Ventures, these workshops are completely free, and you’ll even be treated to lunch before the hard work begins. There are two workshops on offer at the moment, one for internet startups (26th Nov) and one for social enterprises (3rd Dec). Details and info on who qualifies below: (more…)

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Hey, you can collect em all this week! Or get some work done too, your call.There’s a nice amount of activity this week, and I’m pleased that for once that there doesn’t seem to be any major conflicts here. So knock yourself out, we’ve got fun for everyone in creative industries, mobile, angel finance, and brain/language realms.

Webcast of TSB debate Digital Horizons: Monday 2nd Nov, 12-12:45pm Online

The Digital Horizons: Commercialising Innovation webcast is an interactive debate on the future of digital innovation in the creative industries. The Technology Strategy Board will be hosting panel members including Jeremy Silver (Technology Strategy Board), Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy and IPA), Fred Bolza (Sony Music) and Julie Meyer (Ariadne Capital). The debate follows the launch earlier this year of the TSB’s Creative Industries Strategy 09, which you can access in their public library if you feel so inclined. Webcast is open to all, but you need to Register here beforehand to join in.

MoMo Edinburgh informal dinner: Monday 2nd Nov, 6:30pm at Holyrood Tavern (9A Holyrood Rd, corner of St. Mary’s St)

This month’s Mobile Monday gathering is an informal dinner instead of a Centotre lunch, so rock up to Holyrood Tavern if you want to join the lively discussion on everything mobile. Geoff informs us the venue ‘is good, serves gourmet burgers, (more…)

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ICT startup + angel = make lots of money!A prominent business angel from the Silicon Valley will be helping Scottish startups prepare for the angel finance journey. Thanks to Mike Clouser and Informatics Ventures, a cozy masterclass will be offered to 15 ICT companies on Wednesday, 4th November from 1:00-5:30pm.

The angelic instructor is Dr. Jim Papp, a member of the Silicon Valley’s Band of Angels and CEO of Podaddies, an angel funded video advertising company. Just to give you a reality check, according to our friends at Wikipedia, Band of Angels is the ‘oldest and most active angel investment group in the United States’ – not a small fish here. Jim is also an adjunct professor at University of California Berkeley, so it sounds like he can certainly walk the walk and talk the talk!

This is an incredible opportunity for any informatics companies who are beginning to raise angel finance or who are preparing to go down that path. If you’re interested, grab yourself a spot before word gets out! If this isn’t for you but you know someone else who could benefit, let them know so they don’t miss this chance.

Exciting event info below: (more…)

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Sound familiar...? Now you can give in to temptation and be productive!Calling all web-savvy folks who are interested in startups, can take initiative on cool projects, and would appreciate a beautiful office view. Informatics Ventures holds a special place in our hearts, so it is with great excitement that we announce they are ready to take on a new position! Whether or not you were thinking about a job jump, this is definitely worth having a look at. If you are potentially interested, I am more than happy to chat with you informally about working at IV and help you prepare for the application/interview process. Job info as follows:

Informatics Ventures is hiring! We are looking for a Web Guru to help drive forward, with energy, some exciting projects. (more…)

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Winners announced for the Informatics Touch Competition
The winners of the Informatics Touch competition was announced last Thursday (30th July 2009), with yours truly having a stake in the competition …
Staff track:
1st Prize: Neelima Alluri (Personal Banking application)
Student track:
1st Prize: Kate Ho (Interactive Mortgage Guide)
The judging panel was comprised of the Research and Innovation team at RBS, alongside Dave Robertson (the new Head of Informatics).
Provisionally (pending on confirmation from HQ), Neelima and I will present at the next Techmeetup about developing for the Microsoft Surface, and the applications will be able for demo too.
If you missed out this time round, Microsoft themselves have recently launched a Surface competition, which you can find out more about here

Microsoft SurfaceThe winners of the Informatics Touch competition were announced last Thursday (30th July 2009), with yours truly having a stake in the competition …

The remit was to design and build an innovative branch-based personal banking application for the Microsoft Surface. Here are the results … (more…)

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