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With a full week of excitement here, I must admit I am struggling to implement my ‘just say no‘ mentality… Thursday alone is enough action for a month!

Panel Discussion on Intellectual Property Rights: Monday 23rd Nov, 5:30pm at UofE Business School, LT1

Come to this panel discussion to hear a range of views about the issues surrounding innovation vs copyright. This event is held jointly between the E-Club and the Bathwick Group, and the list of speakers looks like an entertaining mix. Hear from the Head of School from Informatics, a School of Law professor, a law firm partner, the awesome hand-making startup Touch Bionics, and Scottish Enterprise. Crisps and wine as a reward for listening, and no need to RSVP.

SICSA DemoFest: Tuesday 24th Nov, 5pm at the Informatics Forum

Check out all the hot research and advancements in computer science and informatics coming out of Scottish universities, including our very own Kate!  (more…)

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Hidden treasures? No it's not hidden, come and get it!We are always sad to hear when people missed incredible events because they didn’t know they were happening. Do not let this be you.

High-profile speakers from the Silicon Valley have been offering extended workshops in a cozy setting – it is wonderful how spoiled we are over here. Our Valley guests work tirelessly while they’re here, offering a wonderful talk at E-Club one evening and then going into more depth for a select crowd. If you want to be one of the 15 attendees sitting around a table with the co-founder of Reddit.com or partner of Labrador Ventures, listen up.

Thanks to Informatics Ventures, these workshops are completely free, and you’ll even be treated to lunch before the hard work begins. There are two workshops on offer at the moment, one for internet startups (26th Nov) and one for social enterprises (3rd Dec). Details and info on who qualifies below: (more…)

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