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Scottish entrepreneur Fraser Doherty, of Superjam, has launched an iPhone app that is ‘jam-packed’ (his words) with recipes for all sorts of jammy treats. The app contains videos, stories and photographs of the recipes.

Doherty (aka Jam Man to his friends) has been extremely busy of late; in April this year he launched his second book SuperBusiness, a guide to “starting your own business, having fun and doing good along the way”.

This guy started out as a teenager making jam in his kitchen, using his grandmother’s secret recipe, and knocking on his neighbours’ doors to sell them. Since then he’s gone on to supply major UK (more…)

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Monday 5th April: The International Science Festival has begun!

Whether you’re observing Easter Monday or already back at your desk/armchair/coffee shop, I hope you’ve noticed that the Science Festival is livening up Edinburgh for a couple weeks. The Informatics Forum will be hosting several cool talks and events, including the intriguing Huxley’s Lab play you may have seen dancing on the Forum roof gardens. Also we’re really excited for a multi-touch Science Festival app to debut in the Forum, but I’ll let Kate fill you in on that later 🙂

Tuesday 6th April: Entrepreneurs & Freelancers Coffee, 9am at Renroc (think again, and go!)

Adding a twist to the newest coffee morning, the first meetup of the month – ie. this one – will feature a few startup elevator pitches so the group can provide feedback to the brave volunteers (before they meet with investors, funding bodies, clients, etc). Getting the freelancers combined with the startups also seems like a very productive mix, so I’m excited to see the collaboration. While I initially questioned the need for another coffee group, this meetup is certainly proving its worth and I would like to publicly withdraw my skepticism. See you there! (more…)

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With a full week of excitement here, I must admit I am struggling to implement my ‘just say no‘ mentality… Thursday alone is enough action for a month!

Panel Discussion on Intellectual Property Rights: Monday 23rd Nov, 5:30pm at UofE Business School, LT1

Come to this panel discussion to hear a range of views about the issues surrounding innovation vs copyright. This event is held jointly between the E-Club and the Bathwick Group, and the list of speakers looks like an entertaining mix. Hear from the Head of School from Informatics, a School of Law professor, a law firm partner, the awesome hand-making startup Touch Bionics, and Scottish Enterprise. Crisps and wine as a reward for listening, and no need to RSVP.

SICSA DemoFest: Tuesday 24th Nov, 5pm at the Informatics Forum

Check out all the hot research and advancements in computer science and informatics coming out of Scottish universities, including our very own Kate!  (more…)

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john_logie_bairdThis evening, Jessica, Thomas and I were at the launch of the 2009 John Logie Baird awards.  The short version: the JLB awards are for entrepreneurs with an innovative product with commercial potential. The long version: the word “awards” is quite mis-leading, as it seems like the winners have a whole bundle of support in helping to realise their idea/product into commercial success. From the launch speech, there were roughly 440 applicants last year, with something near 250 through the process.  Last year’s top Young Innovators were StartupCafe favorites Fraser Doherty (Superjam) and Amanda Jones & James Brown (RedButtonDesign). (more…)

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