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Oh my where has the time gone?! So many events, so little time and energy to blog them, sorry for our silence and delay in returning to the writing world. It’s been anything but quiet. A fabulous weekend at Launch48, so thanks very much to all who put blood/sweat/tears/fun into the new companies, the outcome was really incredible and we’ll try to do that justice shortly. I also heard great things about Drupalcamp, and if anyone would like to send us your own experiences from one of the many recent events, by all means you can send them to us at hello@startupcafe.co.uk :). In the meantime, here are the rest of the events to check out this week!

Wednesday 3rd November: Valley Girl “Live Show” at E-Club, 6pm at Business School Auditorium

Join the show audience as a highly entertaining live interview is broadcast to thousands of viewers… Straight from the Silicon Valley, the event will be part talk, part live show! “Valley Girl” Jesse Draper be interviewing Ralf Klinnert of Funky Moves, famous for his recent appearance on the BBC Dragon’s Den (footage here). Come join the show audience and learn how Jesse has become “The Valley Girl” interviewing some of the biggest names in the startup world – and now in Edinburgh! For a taster, check out a funny past episode. (more…)

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Tuesday 10th August: Dorkbot Alba, 8pm at Forest Cafe (3 Bristo Place)

**I’m excited to say Dorkbot Alba is now on our radar, and only sorry I didn’t know about it sooner. If you’re doing anything with electricity, or want to be, do check it out**

Dorkbot is a group of affiliated organizations worldwide that sponsor grassroots meetings of artists, engineers, designers, scientists, inventors, and anyone else working under the very broad umbrella of “electronic art”. Here in Edinburgh we meet bi-monthly at the Forest Cafe, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 8pm onwards, upstairs in the Action Room. We hope to mix people with crazy ideas with people who can make them happen. Mostly we chit-chat, but things do happen, sometimes, and if you have an idea, or if you like making things, we’d like to hear from you. (more…)

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Monday 10th May: Mobile Monday Edinburgh – Keep Taking the Tablets! 12:30-2:30pm at Centotre (George St)

Monthly meetup of startups and folks interested in mobile, chatting over a great lunch at Centotre. This month’s discussion will be surrounding the new generation of multi-touch devices, including but not limited to the iPad… oooh I sense a good debate! It’s always impressively productive and insightful (and tasty too). You need to book your ticket ahead of time (£12.05 incl lunch).

Monday 10th May: Networking (from a 12 year old) and Top 10 Marketing Mistakes, 6:30pm at UofE Business School, LT1

Learn ‘Networking My Way’ from 12 year old Gregor Campbell, who has the business world mastered at a remarkably young age. Then Neil Campbell, founder of Red Cherry Marketing, will offer insight on the top 10 marketing mistakes in order to help entrepreneurs make the most of their marketing and communications efforts. Having worked as (more…)

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Tuesday 20th April: Launch Lab Entrepreneurs’ Coffee Morning, 9am at Renroc

The Twitter Episode: Love it or hate it, it’s there. Douglas Holmes gives an honest talk about how and why to use twitter to your advantage. Short presentation starts at 9:15. The Launch Lab is a weekly session geared toward anyone who owns or is starting their own business. A highly varied group of energetic, intelligent people gather to exchange ideas, share critiques and encouragement, and feed each others’ vitality.

Tuesday 20th April: Trade Marks – Creating Brand Value, 9am-2pm at Stirling Management Centre

Would you like to better understand the importance and relationship between trademarks and brands? Do you need to find out how to make the most of your business’s Intellectual Property? Are you also aware of other forms of intellectual property such as patents, designs and copyright? This FREE event is being organised by the Intellectual Property Office and if you want find out the answers to the above questions and much more then you should not miss this event.  This event will provide a great opportunity to speak with other local businesses, professionals in intellectual property and business support organizations. RSVP on the event site. (more…)

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Monday 5th April: The International Science Festival has begun!

Whether you’re observing Easter Monday or already back at your desk/armchair/coffee shop, I hope you’ve noticed that the Science Festival is livening up Edinburgh for a couple weeks. The Informatics Forum will be hosting several cool talks and events, including the intriguing Huxley’s Lab play you may have seen dancing on the Forum roof gardens. Also we’re really excited for a multi-touch Science Festival app to debut in the Forum, but I’ll let Kate fill you in on that later 🙂

Tuesday 6th April: Entrepreneurs & Freelancers Coffee, 9am at Renroc (think again, and go!)

Adding a twist to the newest coffee morning, the first meetup of the month – ie. this one – will feature a few startup elevator pitches so the group can provide feedback to the brave volunteers (before they meet with investors, funding bodies, clients, etc). Getting the freelancers combined with the startups also seems like a very productive mix, so I’m excited to see the collaboration. While I initially questioned the need for another coffee group, this meetup is certainly proving its worth and I would like to publicly withdraw my skepticism. See you there! (more…)

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Monday, 21st March: JCI Showcase, 6pm at Royal Terrace Hotel

Never heard of JCI (Junior Chamber International)? You will have the opportunity to find out more about the organisation over a glass of wine or two and some nibbles whilst meeting some of our members and hearing more about what they have got from being a member of JCI. You will also have the chance to find out more about our programme of events, as well as meeting some of our patron organisations. For more info contact Laura Hutton laura_hutton@jciedinburgh.org.uk. I would guess you can still RSVP for tonight, so do check it out if you’re interested.

Tuesday, 22nd March: E-Club Committee Interest Meeting, 5:30-6:30pm at Business School LT3

For the first time, the Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club is forming a committee to drive the club forward with more power and zest, and anyone is welcome to get involved. Want to help organise new events? Want to reach out to other cool groups? Want to initiate other projects within the club? If you are interested, either for the next few months or for the Fall, join in 5:30pm in Lecture Theatre 3 for an initial discussion. Or email entrepreneurship@ed.ac.uk. (more…)

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Tuesday, 9th February: The Power of an Advisory Board, 6:30-8pm at Lecture Theatre 1, UofE Business School, 7 Bristo Sq

Bill Joos, Principal of “Go To Market Consulting” and known by many as the Pitch Doctor, is back for his annual visit to E-Club. This time he’s here to tell us why the Board of Advisors is an entrepreneur’s most underutilized tool! In addition to talking about how to form, select and leverage your Advisory Board, Bill will contrast the differences between that and the corporate Board of Directors. No need to RSVP, just turn up and catch wine and crisps at 8pm afterward. This week sees the adoption of Bloop to help with mingling, so that will be exciting too.

Tuesday, 9th February: Edinburgh Web Design & Development Meetup, 7pm at Kenilworth (pub on Rose St)

For web designers to meet other web designers, talk about projects you’ve been working on, discuss trends, get feedback, and be merry. Sounds like a good agenda, best if you RSVP on the Meetup site.

Tuesday, 9th February: Girl Geeks Dinner, 7:15pm at Dundee DCA Meeting Room

This event marks the launch of the Girl Geek Speaker Series (more…)

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Monday, 1st February: MoMo Edinburgh lunch, 12:30-2pm at Centotre

Mobile Monday Edinburgh’s monthly affair at Centotre, featuring good mobile discussions and a bit of prep as folks get ready for Mobile World Congress coming up in Barcelona. Buy a ticket online to RSVP, does cost £10.95 but that covers a pasta, glass of wine and espresso – a tasty deal.

Tuesday, 2nd February: Stanford’s Director of Technology Transfer, 6:30pm at Business School LT1

Hosted by E-Club, this talk looks at how to build an innovative and vibrant academic-industrial community. What does technology transfer and new venture creation at Stanford University look like? What practices make it successful, and what can we learn from its model? Why has it had such an impact on Silicon Valley? Come and learn from Katherine Ku, Director of Stanford’s Technology Transfer Office. No need to RSVP, and free wine and crisps from 8pm… (more…)

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Monday, 25th January: ELEVATOR networking, 6 for 6:30pm at Why Not? (George St)

Organised by PSYBT, these events are for anyone aged 18-30 who are in business or are thinking about going into business. Would you like to meet other young entrepreneurs and share ideas and inspiration? Are you aged 18-30, in business or thinking about it? Free to go, and pretty sure there’s free wine and/or canapes. Think an RSVP is ideal (email fiona.turnbull@psybt.org.uk to book), or you might be able to crash if it’s not full.

Tuesday, 26th January: CEO of Lastminute.com, 6:30pm at Business School LT1

Hosted by E-Club, CEO Ian McCaig will share the awesome story of one of the world’s most successful travel websites Lastminute.com. He was formerly COO for Nokia, so not a bad track record… plus he’s a University of Edinburgh alum! Quite a neat speaker to catch this week, definitely go if you can. Free wine and crisps from 8pm, and no need to RSVP for any of it. (more…)

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