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Monday, 25th January: ELEVATOR networking, 6 for 6:30pm at Why Not? (George St)

Organised by PSYBT, these events are for anyone aged 18-30 who are in business or are thinking about going into business. Would you like to meet other young entrepreneurs and share ideas and inspiration? Are you aged 18-30, in business or thinking about it? Free to go, and pretty sure there’s free wine and/or canapes. Think an RSVP is ideal (email fiona.turnbull@psybt.org.uk to book), or you might be able to crash if it’s not full.

Tuesday, 26th January: CEO of Lastminute.com, 6:30pm at Business School LT1

Hosted by E-Club, CEO Ian McCaig will share the awesome story of one of the world’s most successful travel websites Lastminute.com. He was formerly COO for Nokia, so not a bad track record… plus he’s a University of Edinburgh alum! Quite a neat speaker to catch this week, definitely go if you can. Free wine and crisps from 8pm, and no need to RSVP for any of it. (more…)

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The events schedule is calming down – thank goodness – but Wednesday is full of good options. You’ll wind up with free drinks (and maybe food too) no matter where you go! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, you can actually get work done without worrying you’re missing out.

Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards: Tuesday 8th Dec

Can you see yourself on the awards programme for next year? A good list to aim for, the awards recognise Scotland’s best in a variety of areas from entrepreneurs to sports to music and arts. Last year’s winners include SuperJam’s Fraser Doherty, CoffeeLoop’s Peter Gregson, and Ewgeco’s Tanya Ewing. I’ll be crossing my fingers for Red Button Design in the environment category, and I’m torn between Vets Now and Purdie’s in the business lineup.

SuperJam Tea Party: Wednesday 9th Dec, 1:30-4pm at Jameson Place Sheltered Housing Community Lounge (just off Leith walk)

A successful Edinburgh startup + cute elderly people + more scones/jam than you’ve ever imagined… yes, a fun and random afternoon that (more…)

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Global Entrepreneurship Week, oh my! So the free drinks are where?According to the forces of the universe, this week is Global Entrepreneurship Week! As it was very aptly put to me yesterday, ‘I have no idea why a gloomy week in November is supposed to incite entrepreneurship…’ but we’ll run with it for now. There’s a real mix of things to choose from this week, whether you’re in the mood for a reception, workshops, meetups, or award ceremonies. In the Entrepreneurship Week spirit, we’ll be kicking off some new features here at StartupCafe as well.

ERI 40th Anniversary Reception: Monday 16th Nov, 11am-1pm at Playfair Library

Edinburgh Research & Innovation, the university’s research and commercialisation (technology transfer) office, celebrates 40 years of exciting activity. Achievements in that time include developing the first genetically engineered vaccine against Hepatitis B, creating the Smart Wheelchair for children with severe disabilities, and pioneering the use of amniocentesis in pregnancy to detect birth defects. The party features an exhibition of the commercialisation highlights and I’m hoping there will be some free food/drinks as well. It’s open to all University of Edinburgh staff and students, and you do not need to register.

Negotiating Skills Workshop: Tuesday 17th Nov, 9am-12pm at Apex House, 99 Haymarket Terrace

Getting ready to strike a deal and still working on your poker face? (more…)

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Oh good, my food budget was running low!Between now and Thursday you can learn how to raise some money, run your business better, gain some techie skills, and communicate – all the while enjoying free coffee, wine, crisps, pizza, beer, and then more drinks. Monday and Wednesday evenings are my top choices, but there’s plenty to catch here so hope you don’t have too many hot dates lined up this week.

Raising Finance for Young Companies: Monday 9th Nov, 6:30pm at Business School LT1 (7 Bristo Sq)

You’ll get the scoop from both the investor’s and entrepreneur’s points of view… enlightening us will be John Waddell, CEO of Archangel Informal Investment (Scotland’s leading angel investor group), along with George Mackintosh, a very successful business builder and seller. Who better to learn from than that pair? Sure to be another great talk from E-Club, this is the second of the Archangel Speaker Series events. Coffee available beforehand and free wine/crisps to follow! No RSVP needed, just show up.

Entrepreneur In Residence Sessions: Tuesday 10th Nov, 9:30am-4:15pm at Business School (7 Bristo Sq)

Organised by E-Club, these sessions give startups and folks wanting to start companies a chance to speak with someone who’s ‘been there, done that.’ The resident expert this month is (more…)

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