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Wow. What a party. What a turnout. When the Edinburgh (and Glasgow!) startup community comes out to play, we really do play! (We managed to drink through the £500 bar tab in an hour and 15 mins – bet there are a few sore heads this morning.)

And don’t take it from me, here’s what other people said about the night:


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StartupCafe is a fun and happy place to go to find out about other startups in the scene so that when you encounter folk at coffee mornings, tech meetups, networking evenings, presentations or even the local pub, you might recognise your fellow entrepreneurs (aspiring or otherwise) and feel a connection!

Yes we like to offer news and opinion and generally have a chat on the site but we like to give startups a place to shout their successes, share their lessons, discover what their peers are up to and feel like they belong to a welcoming, funny, supportive, quirky little community.

Are you an Edin based startup?  Let folk know who you are!  Let them know what you do!  Let them recognise you and support you with cheery words of wisdom or a free beer 🙂 (more…)

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Ever have a legal question that might take a lawyer 5 minutes, but would take you hours of research and uncertainty on your own? The online community is a great source of knowledge for a lot of FAQs, but sometimes you don’t want to gamble with the sites you trust and your attempts at interpreting the legal jargon secret code… Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get an opinion face-to-face by someone who’s been there done that?

I’ve heard endless complaints that law firms in Scotland are too traditional, expensive, and lacking the startup-friendliness we hear about in the grass-is-greener Silicon Valley. And cheap Scottish stereotypes aside, most of us really just can’t afford hundreds of pounds every time we need some steering in the right direction, or reassurance that we’re on the right track.

Well I’m very excited to share that Dug Campbell of MBM Commercial is setting up a group to help tackle this problem. Aimed at helping tech entrepreneurs, the group will offer free advice and a chance for Q&A on a monthly basis. Not to mention (more…)

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The events schedule is calming down – thank goodness – but Wednesday is full of good options. You’ll wind up with free drinks (and maybe food too) no matter where you go! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, you can actually get work done without worrying you’re missing out.

Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards: Tuesday 8th Dec

Can you see yourself on the awards programme for next year? A good list to aim for, the awards recognise Scotland’s best in a variety of areas from entrepreneurs to sports to music and arts. Last year’s winners include SuperJam’s Fraser Doherty, CoffeeLoop’s Peter Gregson, and Ewgeco’s Tanya Ewing. I’ll be crossing my fingers for Red Button Design in the environment category, and I’m torn between Vets Now and Purdie’s in the business lineup.

SuperJam Tea Party: Wednesday 9th Dec, 1:30-4pm at Jameson Place Sheltered Housing Community Lounge (just off Leith walk)

A successful Edinburgh startup + cute elderly people + more scones/jam than you’ve ever imagined… yes, a fun and random afternoon that (more…)

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