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Ever have a legal question that might take a lawyer 5 minutes, but would take you hours of research and uncertainty on your own? The online community is a great source of knowledge for a lot of FAQs, but sometimes you don’t want to gamble with the sites you trust and your attempts at interpreting the legal jargon secret code… Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get an opinion face-to-face by someone who’s been there done that?

I’ve heard endless complaints that law firms in Scotland are too traditional, expensive, and lacking the startup-friendliness we hear about in the grass-is-greener Silicon Valley. And cheap Scottish stereotypes aside, most of us really just can’t afford hundreds of pounds every time we need some steering in the right direction, or reassurance that we’re on the right track.

Well I’m very excited to share that Dug Campbell of MBM Commercial is setting up a group to help tackle this problem. Aimed at helping tech entrepreneurs, the group will offer free advice and a chance for Q&A on a monthly basis. Not to mention (more…)

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