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Global Entrepreneurship Week, oh my! So the free drinks are where?According to the forces of the universe, this week is Global Entrepreneurship Week! As it was very aptly put to me yesterday, ‘I have no idea why a gloomy week in November is supposed to incite entrepreneurship…’ but we’ll run with it for now. There’s a real mix of things to choose from this week, whether you’re in the mood for a reception, workshops, meetups, or award ceremonies. In the Entrepreneurship Week spirit, we’ll be kicking off some new features here at StartupCafe as well.

ERI 40th Anniversary Reception: Monday 16th Nov, 11am-1pm at Playfair Library

Edinburgh Research & Innovation, the university’s research and commercialisation (technology transfer) office, celebrates 40 years of exciting activity. Achievements in that time include developing the first genetically engineered vaccine against Hepatitis B, creating the Smart Wheelchair for children with severe disabilities, and pioneering the use of amniocentesis in pregnancy to detect birth defects. The party features an exhibition of the commercialisation highlights and I’m hoping there will be some free food/drinks as well. It’s open to all University of Edinburgh staff and students, and you do not need to register.

Negotiating Skills Workshop: Tuesday 17th Nov, 9am-12pm at Apex House, 99 Haymarket Terrace

Getting ready to strike a deal and still working on your poker face? (more…)

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Open Coffee ClubLast week, I managed to rival Jessica’s addiction to networking events (see entrepreneurship event addicts anonymous if you don’t know what I’m talking about). So I thought I’d write a roundup for each one, starting with OpenCoffee London.

OpenCoffee London – the original home of Open Coffee which is now worldwide. The venue was the Roberts Building at UCL (get off at Euston Tube station, walk down Gower St and turn left). (more…)

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