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Want £10K to test a new digital service you’ve developed? Read on, info from Stuart Dredge at Mobile Entertainment below (thanks Stuart :)). And thanks to Colin Adams for sending in the link! Applications due 11th March at noon, contest brief and details from Stuart as follows:

Government-backed IC tomorrow initiative wants to kick off consumer trials of new and innovative digital services.

The UK’s Technology Strategy Board has launched a Digital Innovation Contest, which aims to distribute £200,000 of funding to 20 innovative new digital services.

The contest, organised under the TSB’s IC tomorrow scheme, plans to provide up to £10,000 to each startup chosen from the contest, for a six-month consumer trial. (more…)

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Monday, 15th March: E-Club Entrepreneur-In-Residence Sessions, 10am-6pm at the Business School

Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club offering free advice sessions with Entrepreneur-In-Residence Gavin Don. Tap into his expertise in strategy and finance with an hour to yourself. This month’s session are all booked out, but look out for the next openings if this advice set-up is of interest to you. Or pop by and visit me as I’ll be sitting in the Business School lobby all day 🙂

Monday, 15th March: Beermat Entpreneurship with Mike Southon, 9am-5pm at Pentlands Science Park

Masterclass for innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs with Mike Southon, “The Beermat Entrepreneur” technology entrepreneur, mentor, international speaker, best selling author and FT columnist. Many scientists and technologists are great innovators but not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.  This Masterclass shows you how to take your ideas forward…  or get someone else to! The world can benefit more from your scientific research and technology innovations. (more…)

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Plastic electronics is said to be one of the next big things, and it may just be worth a little thought. The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) sure thinks so, and they are offering £3 million to fund ideas in this emerging field. Compared to silicon, plastic electronics are cheaper, lighter, and more flexible.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Plastic Logic showed off a plastic e-reader which was all the rage in show floor chatter. Did you know the company was a spinout from Cambridge University?!

It’s interesting to step back in time and watch this news announcement from 2007 when Cambridge labs were first making breakthroughs in this area. Seems they had a good vision of three years ahead, and I’m curious to see (more…)

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Hey, you can collect em all this week! Or get some work done too, your call.There’s a nice amount of activity this week, and I’m pleased that for once that there doesn’t seem to be any major conflicts here. So knock yourself out, we’ve got fun for everyone in creative industries, mobile, angel finance, and brain/language realms.

Webcast of TSB debate Digital Horizons: Monday 2nd Nov, 12-12:45pm Online

The Digital Horizons: Commercialising Innovation webcast is an interactive debate on the future of digital innovation in the creative industries. The Technology Strategy Board will be hosting panel members including Jeremy Silver (Technology Strategy Board), Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy and IPA), Fred Bolza (Sony Music) and Julie Meyer (Ariadne Capital). The debate follows the launch earlier this year of the TSB’s Creative Industries Strategy 09, which you can access in their public library if you feel so inclined. Webcast is open to all, but you need to Register here beforehand to join in.

MoMo Edinburgh informal dinner: Monday 2nd Nov, 6:30pm at Holyrood Tavern (9A Holyrood Rd, corner of St. Mary’s St)

This month’s Mobile Monday gathering is an informal dinner instead of a Centotre lunch, so rock up to Holyrood Tavern if you want to join the lively discussion on everything mobile. Geoff informs us the venue ‘is good, serves gourmet burgers, (more…)

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