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Want £10K to test a new digital service you’ve developed? Read on, info from Stuart Dredge at Mobile Entertainment below (thanks Stuart :)). And thanks to Colin Adams for sending in the link! Applications due 11th March at noon, contest brief and details from Stuart as follows:

Government-backed IC tomorrow initiative wants to kick off consumer trials of new and innovative digital services.

The UK’s Technology Strategy Board has launched a Digital Innovation Contest, which aims to distribute £200,000 of funding to 20 innovative new digital services.

The contest, organised under the TSB’s IC tomorrow scheme, plans to provide up to £10,000 to each startup chosen from the contest, for a six-month consumer trial. (more…)

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With a wonderful new meetup on the Scottish startup scenes that we should have spotlighted sooner, big thanks to Gordon Guthrie of Hypernumbers for offering this introduction. Scottish Lean Circle has been going for several months now, and the next monthly meeting is coming up Wednesday 19th January, 7:30pm at 39A Grassmarket (Winterwell HQ). I highly encourage you to familiarise yourself with this group, and jump in if you’d like to learn/share/strategise with other startup folks… More details from Gordon:

It is time to introduce the Scottish Lean Circle to the Scottish startup public properly.

1. What Is Lean?

Lean start-ups are the merger or a number of different ‘traditions’, ranging from Japanese manufacturing techniques (the Toyota Production System and 6 Sigma) to agile (and agile-like) software development and the dramatic drop in cost of starting an internet start-up.

There is a ‘business stack’ emerging:


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Building companies and attracting talent - show me the money!The Venture Capital and Public Policy series continues, brought to you by Michael Clouser. If you missed Part 1 yesterday, entitled The Rise of Venture Capital in the US: An Unintended Consequence, you may like to read that first to get the background. Otherwise, jump right in and look out for Part 3 tomorrow.


There are not as many start-ups and technology companies of size in Scotland because of the lack of risk capital at all stages of the lifecycle of a high growth venture. Especially in early and mid-stage venture capital. Arguably, currently there are only two substantial players in the technology venture capital game here in the early stages, and another one that is playing in the later stage and is pan-European. The angels in the Country have all but shut down, especially in (more…)

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