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ICT startup + angel = make lots of money!A prominent business angel from the Silicon Valley will be helping Scottish startups prepare for the angel finance journey. Thanks to Mike Clouser and Informatics Ventures, a cozy masterclass will be offered to 15 ICT companies on Wednesday, 4th November from 1:00-5:30pm.

The angelic instructor is Dr. Jim Papp, a member of the Silicon Valley’s Band of Angels and CEO of Podaddies, an angel funded video advertising company. Just to give you a reality check, according to our friends at Wikipedia, Band of Angels is the ‘oldest and most active angel investment group in the United States’ – not a small fish here. Jim is also an adjunct professor at University of California Berkeley, so it sounds like he can certainly walk the walk and talk the talk!

This is an incredible opportunity for any informatics companies who are beginning to raise angel finance or who are preparing to go down that path. If you’re interested, grab yourself a spot before word gets out! If this isn’t for you but you know someone else who could benefit, let them know so they don’t miss this chance.

Exciting event info below: (more…)

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