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If you haven’t seen it already, I did a quick summary of Launch48 using the tweets that everyone sent. But if you don’t have time and just want to skip straight to the good bits, here’s my run down of the best tweets of the weekend… (other nominations welcome)

Funniest tweet: paulanthonywils: Feck me. Someone just pitched a flying car for #launch48

Most accurate description of Launch48: @markoscharatzas: If I was to pitch #launch48 in one sentence. “A box where you put a group of strangers inside it and shake it frenzy for 48 hours”

Best Feature Requestjarofgreen: Does @zzzappa_app have a snooze button? #launch48

Worst punJessInScotland: Hmmm is this my solemate!?!? #launch48(#seemyjeans)http://yfrog.com/e8hprij

Best benefit of an app: @glennbuchan Run2see keeps you safe from neds and bears!#launch48

Most insightful tweet: Tech_Literate: Really good talented people aren’t looking for jobs – have to meet them through contacts and persuade them – Simon Montford #launch48

Biggest statement tweet: markoscharatzas: After #launch48 demo people said to me “great acting”,”awesome monologue”,”amazing show”.It was neither scripted nor acting but a statement.

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