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Who uses Drupal?  Who’s just generally interested in the platform?  And who among you are non-technical decision makers keen to explore the business benefits of using Drupal and open source software in general?

A growing number of you apparently – I hear that the number of Drupal users in Scotland is growing rapidly.  So why not head to Edinburgh University’s Informatics Forum on 25-26th May 2012 to attend DrupalCamp Scotland – a free training and networking event – to meet, learn from and hang out with other users and fans?

Free Drupal training sessions are being planned for Friday 25th May as is a Drupal for Business event aimed at folk who want to understand how the free and flexible, open source modular platform can make a difference to their organisation and clients.  Saturday 26th is to be filled with presentations and discussions to suit all levels of practitioner.  Social events will be arranged for the end of each day. (more…)

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