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This post is part of our Stanford REE series following last week’s Roundtable on Entrepreneurship Education. Here guest blogger Adam Bock reflects on the opening sessions from Tina Seelig, Jonathan Levie, Michael Clouser, and Heidi Roizen.

As a new entrepreneurship educator who has an entrepreneurial past, I feel keenly aware of the challenges in “teaching” entrepreneurship. Realistically, I learned more about entrepreneurship in the first 6 months of my first start-up company than I did during my 2-year MBA programme. At the same time, I believe that most aspects of entrepreneurship can be taught, and arguably should be taught more broadly to business school students and beyond. (more…)

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Did you know that Edinburgh is hosting Stanford’s annual Roundtable on Entrepreneurship Education (REE) this year? It’s time to show our friends across the pond and across Europe that Edinburgh is one hip happening place for startups. Well, and it’s a chance for you to showcase your startup/spinout/design project to an audience of rather well-connected people around the world!

The exhibition event (REE Fest) is Wednesday 8th September, starting 5:30pm in the Informatics Forum. Exhibiting is free, but this is the last week to sign up so grab a spot before you write your next email! And if you want to join the festivities but exhibiting doesn’t suit, you can actually attend the exhibition portion free too – sign-up info for exhibitors and attendees thanks to Mike Clouser: (more…)

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