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Wisdom from John Mullins, author of Getting to Plan B and The New Business Road Test. Keynote speech at Stanford REE – by guest blogger Jill Robertson.

Most successful businesses result from the evolution of an idea over time from original concept of plan A, through multiple iterations to B, C ,D or more, rather than true execution of the original vision. How do you fast-track this process to reach a viable business model by stress testing the process of business plan formulation and factor in the ability to change course and adapt to changing market conditions and reaction to your product? (more…)

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What else might you have missed? … More insights from the Stanford REE Series, with notes from the second round of parallel speakers. Have a browse through, and you can access the full article for whichever topics interest you. Want to highlight points, or take a different angle? Feel free to add your thoughts below!

Teaching Furniture Design – Anselm Fraser

Guest blogged by Jill Robertson

Don’t commute, build a business and work from home in a job that’s varied and you enjoy. Above all, ‘make business fun and differentiate yourself from the crowd’ this is Anselm’s philosophy in teaching and in life. Well, he certainly ‘walks the talk’ as no-one could have failed to notice his odd copper and blue shoes coupled with a rather unique set of braces. Delightfully describing himself as a ‘busy fool who hasn’t the time to stop and think’, I think he’s rather harsh on himself. [Full story on Anselm’s talk]

Social Media and Sustainable Entrepreneurship – Dr. Geoffrey Archer (more…)

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Our Stanford REE Series carries on, as there was a lot to learn! During the first round of parallel sessions, speakers covered a range of topics on design, startups, & entrepreneurship education. In case you struggled to be in four places at once – or missed it altogether – a team of guest bloggers listened in for you. Anything stand out? Were you there too? Let us know what you find most useful or other lessons you took away 🙂

Teaching Creative Entrepreneurship – Dr. Andy Penaluna

Guest blogged by Geoff Gregson

Andy began his session with a question: “why do we always do it that way”? He was referring to how we teach students at university and particularly, how we teach entrepreneurship. He believes that the integration of entrepreneurship and creativity and design as a teaching topic is making a difference to the success of recent start-ups… [Full story on Andy’s talk] (more…)

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Our Stanford REE Series picks back up with insights from design entrepreneur David Law of Speck Design, Speck Products, and many more companies he’s founded. By guest blogger Kirsty Macgregor.

“Design and build a tool that will carry an egg as far as possible – and come back on Friday with a prototype” was the brief the young David Law was given as he applied for entry to the new, collaborative degree in Product Design and Engineering run by Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art ( back in the dawn of time).  Working on this project created a degree of engagement David hadn’t experienced in years and gave him a taste of the “can do/ hands on” mindset fostered by the course… which was critical to his development. David kicked off his keynote speech on day 2 of the conference with a deliciously deadpan  “walk through (his) memory lane of failure“ which included his first failed attempt at gaining a degree in London leading to his second, formative -and successful- effort in Glasgow. (more…)

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Our Stanford REE Series continues with ‘Lessons from Failure’ from Heidi Roizen’s keynote speech. By guest blogger Jill Lin.

Learning from failure is not an unfamiliar theme in the context of business. Heidi Roizen, who is the founder of Skinny Songs, a former Venture Capitalist and a role model of fearlessness for entrepreneurs, provides an insightful explanation and many practical examples in her talk on ‘Lessons from Failure’.

The greatest lesson on failure is that of trying to figure out why, most of the time, the product is great but the company fails. (more…)

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This post is part of our Stanford REE series following last week’s Roundtable on Entrepreneurship Education. Here guest blogger Adam Bock reflects on the opening sessions from Tina Seelig, Jonathan Levie, Michael Clouser, and Heidi Roizen.

As a new entrepreneurship educator who has an entrepreneurial past, I feel keenly aware of the challenges in “teaching” entrepreneurship. Realistically, I learned more about entrepreneurship in the first 6 months of my first start-up company than I did during my 2-year MBA programme. At the same time, I believe that most aspects of entrepreneurship can be taught, and arguably should be taught more broadly to business school students and beyond. (more…)

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Did you know that Edinburgh is hosting Stanford’s annual Roundtable on Entrepreneurship Education (REE) this year? It’s time to show our friends across the pond and across Europe that Edinburgh is one hip happening place for startups. Well, and it’s a chance for you to showcase your startup/spinout/design project to an audience of rather well-connected people around the world!

The exhibition event (REE Fest) is Wednesday 8th September, starting 5:30pm in the Informatics Forum. Exhibiting is free, but this is the last week to sign up so grab a spot before you write your next email! And if you want to join the festivities but exhibiting doesn’t suit, you can actually attend the exhibition portion free too – sign-up info for exhibitors and attendees thanks to Mike Clouser: (more…)

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