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Wisdom from John Mullins, author of Getting to Plan B and The New Business Road Test. Keynote speech at Stanford REE – by guest blogger Jill Robertson.

Most successful businesses result from the evolution of an idea over time from original concept of plan A, through multiple iterations to B, C ,D or more, rather than true execution of the original vision. How do you fast-track this process to reach a viable business model by stress testing the process of business plan formulation and factor in the ability to change course and adapt to changing market conditions and reaction to your product? (more…)

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Pirate's gold

Response to the discussion at the SIE-hosted session on entrepreneurship at institutes for higher education.

Part of our Stanford REE Series from the Roundtable on Entrepreneurship Education.

One of the great advantages of starting a company at university is the wealth of human resource at arm’s reach. Student-entrepreneurs are surrounded by designers, engineers, web developers, marketers, and technologists. One question raised at the Roundtable on Entrepreneurship Education (REE) earlier this month was this: How can we manage this human resource to build more and better founder teams at universities? (more…)

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What else might you have missed? … More insights from the Stanford REE Series, with notes from the second round of parallel speakers. Have a browse through, and you can access the full article for whichever topics interest you. Want to highlight points, or take a different angle? Feel free to add your thoughts below!

Teaching Furniture Design – Anselm Fraser

Guest blogged by Jill Robertson

Don’t commute, build a business and work from home in a job that’s varied and you enjoy. Above all, ‘make business fun and differentiate yourself from the crowd’ this is Anselm’s philosophy in teaching and in life. Well, he certainly ‘walks the talk’ as no-one could have failed to notice his odd copper and blue shoes coupled with a rather unique set of braces. Delightfully describing himself as a ‘busy fool who hasn’t the time to stop and think’, I think he’s rather harsh on himself. [Full story on Anselm’s talk]

Social Media and Sustainable Entrepreneurship – Dr. Geoffrey Archer (more…)

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