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A proud geeky flat collection - Apple, LG, and Amazon (incorporated into a face)...Halloween is a chance to let your wild side out for a night with no explanation and no apologies needed. Well okay, that may be most weekends at Potterrow, but there’s a very diverse range of self-expressions on the 31st October that does not emerge on an average party or fancy dress occasion. As I see it, there are three defining elements to this fantastic holiday: the candy, the costumes, and of course the pumpkins.

The candy tradition seems to be largely overlooked in the UK, with the exception of six 10 year old children that wound up raiding our kitchen for anything edible and sweet (we refused to let them tap our alcohol stash – what is up with kids these days?). The costumes here were in full swing though, and I loved seeing pirates, puppy dogs, Teletubbies, and black eyed peas (yes, the beans) all celebrating at the same event. However, what I love even more is the rising coolness of technology-related ensembles: (more…)

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