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Here at StartupCafe we know how difficult it is for startup founders to find love. We know the score. You work all day and all night getting your MVP ready; you have to spend time surveying and talking to potential users; you have to spend ages refining your pitch, and you have get land those big meetings with investors … when do you even find time to meet anyone? And then when you meet them, how will you explain that you’re a poor startup founder with great potential?

Well worry no more. The StartupCafe team is here to help!

Starting from today, we’re launching StartupDating!

StartupDating is a dating site for startup founders. As well as matching physical attributes, StartupDating allows you to find your perfect match by determining the usefulness and value they can bring to your career as an entrepreneur! In finding a perfect match, the site will take into account what skills they have, how much money they’ve raised before, how much local knowledge they have in a particular country, how many twitter followers they have and which well-known VCs they have a personal connection with. Gone are the days in which personality, hobbies and physical attributes are online dating’s limiting factors.

When asked about the StartupDating revolution, (more…)

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datingI’m often told that starting a business with someone is like getting married to them. Some of the most successful businesses have been built on partnerships – just look at Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Everyone has to have their ‘soulmate’ that they have to work with.

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