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Whilst the latest talk around the Edinburgh tech circle has been about the Turing Festival towards the end of the month, I’m actually looking forward to the other festival happening this coming Thursday and Friday that we don’t often hear about: Edinburgh Interactive Festival.

Formerly known as the Edinburgh Games Festival, in recent years, the festival organisers have embraced the emergence of new media interactivity and broadened its appeal and audience. (more…)

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With the Festival of Politics taking place in Edinburgh 17-21 Aug, it has got me wondering about the use of technology, especially online tools, to titillate, amuse, connect and converse – in an attempt to engage with ‘hard to reach’ audiences in Scotland and beyond.  How are these tools being used to engage audiences that are conventionally difficult to attract via traditional means in politics?

Answer: They’re being used simply, creatively, humourously and cleverly.  This makes sense when you think that those who don’t engage in the political process often find politics complicated and difficult to get to grips with or extremely dull and boring.  So the key is to make things simple – i.e. make it easier to access information and to understand stuff.  Or makes things a little more fun. (more…)

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