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I’ve been interviewing startups across the UK about their quest for rockstar employees!  The idea is to give an insight into startup recruitment to folk who are interested in working for startups so that they might learn how to put themselves into a position of strength! Entrepreneurs might also be interested to see how their approach and perspectives compare to others’.


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A big thank you to co-founder Andrew Crump at Bluefields – a startup that aims to make football team organisation and management really easy – for making time to speak to me even though he had pulled an all-nighter and was clearly lagging from having worked so hard! Despite exhaustion he was warm and polite and happy to share with us his opinions and experiences of hiring.

WiS: Let’s begin Andrew! More and more startups tell me that they don’t like to use recruitment agencies. Where do you search for awesome employees?
Andrew: Well we found our front end developer through WiS! I found someone through Matchfounder and also we get referrals.

WiS: The recruitiverse is overflowing with advice about good-looking CVs. Is there anything specific you look for?
Andrew: Well for starters, I don’t look for degrees or judge a person based on the university they attended.  It’s impressive if (more…)

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