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Happy Birthday FreeAgent!

Happy 4th Birthday FreeAgent!

Big congrats to Ed, Roan and the rest of the team!



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Float are off to London!

Congratulations to Float who have just been selected to go to Seedcamp London this year! Phil and Colin will be heading off to the camp on 27th July and is continuing a long tradition of Edinburgh based startups at the event (Hypernumbers and Loc8 Solutions being our previous entrants).

Float, if you don’t know it, is an integrated bank statement to cashflow forecasting tool. It lets you see what your exact balance at the end of the month will be, and differentiates between real and projected figures.It lets you create scenarios and makes sense of all the complexity of accounting figures. Hilary wrote in more detail about them a while back, which you should check out. Float itself is an add-on for Freeagent, another Edinburgh based startup.

Congrats Phil and Colin!

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