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Hacker Monthly is an electronic print magazine version of some of the best articles on Hacker News. This month, the digitial version of the magazine is on Startup Marketing – featuring articles on Startup Marketing Fundamentals and If you build it, they won’t come.

You can get the magazine here.

Plus, there is a Startup Marketing Bundle on Appsumo this week. There are some discounts for services like unbounce, KISSmetrics etc. Unusually, you don’t need to pay anything for the deal … Grab it if it’s of interest!

Hacker Monthly Startup Marketing Bundle

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I'd work for them!

A cool marketing/promotions startup based locally is recruiting Edinburgh students to help design marketing campaigns for universities. Know anyone who wants to gain experience (and make some money) in this field? Get them trained up now, and you can hire them as VP Marketing for your startup next year. This would have been my dream job once upon a time…

Worth checking out the Wright Wallace Associates website by the way just for their amusing Story (excerpt: ‘Will Wright and Dug Wallace met, and hated each other’). Love these guys already. Ok back to the point, job offer below!

Campus Brand Manager Position

We are looking for confident, enterprising students to join our team of campus brand managers. You will be responsible for the promotion of a (more…)

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