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Edinburgh-born Gregor Wilson has a busy year ahead of him, not least because he is in the final year of his joint business and law degree, but because his startup Van Der, an online fashion store for men, is due to be launched next week!

So who do Van Der have their sights set on?

  • Males aged between 18-28 who are fashion conscious but do not believe that fashion should be a chore. Their pieces are effortlessly cool, so you can be effortlessly cool.
  • People who might buy from other brands but actually want more quality, individuality and exclusivity at an affordable price.

Why would you choose Van Der?

  • For exclusivity: because collections are small, once gone they’re gone
  • For affordability: because exclusivity doesn’t have to be expensive
  • For quality and taste: because the clothes have clean and simple lines; the pieces are not ostentatious
  • For individuality: because the cuts of the clothes are different, inspired by a Scandinavian ethic (more…)

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I'd work for them!

A cool marketing/promotions startup based locally is recruiting Edinburgh students to help design marketing campaigns for universities. Know anyone who wants to gain experience (and make some money) in this field? Get them trained up now, and you can hire them as VP Marketing for your startup next year. This would have been my dream job once upon a time…

Worth checking out the Wright Wallace Associates website by the way just for their amusing Story (excerpt: ‘Will Wright and Dug Wallace met, and hated each other’). Love these guys already. Ok back to the point, job offer below!

Campus Brand Manager Position

We are looking for confident, enterprising students to join our team of campus brand managers. You will be responsible for the promotion of a (more…)

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