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Edinburgh-born Gregor Wilson has a busy year ahead of him, not least because he is in the final year of his joint business and law degree, but because his startup Van Der, an online fashion store for men, is due to be launched next week!

So who do Van Der have their sights set on?

  • Males aged between 18-28 who are fashion conscious but do not believe that fashion should be a chore. Their pieces are effortlessly cool, so you can be effortlessly cool.
  • People who might buy from other brands but actually want more quality, individuality and exclusivity at an affordable price.

Why would you choose Van Der?

  • For exclusivity: because collections are small, once gone they’re gone
  • For affordability: because exclusivity doesn’t have to be expensive
  • For quality and taste: because the clothes have clean and simple lines; the pieces are not ostentatious
  • For individuality: because the cuts of the clothes are different, inspired by a Scandinavian ethic (more…)

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Calling all developers, designers, business folks, marketers, social media strategists, students, and others enthusiasts who would like to have a ridiculously cool, meaningful, and kick-ass weekend…

Good news! It’s time Scotland got to experience the wonderful energy, magic, and startup creation that is Launch48. You’ve heard us blog about it before (here and here), and after enjoying our experience in London we are very excited the crew is crossing the border for the first time to run Launch48 Edinburgh at the end of October.

Hang on, what are we so excited about? Launch48 is an entrepreneurial event where participants have 48 hours to build and launch a web or mobile application. Attendees break into teams of 15-20 people with a mixed set of skills, and in the space of one weekend real businesses are created and launched. With teammates learning from one another, the event is open to everyone from serial entrepreneurs to young professionals to students of all subjects.

Past teams we’ve been a part of (more…)

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A message from IV that seemed worth circulating… (UKTI Missions are wonderful, do have a look at them if this isn’t your area… and if it is, well, what are you waiting for?)

Following last year’s successful trip, the third Digital Mission to New York takes place from 1st-5th November 2010 to coincide with ad:tech New York Conference and Expo, the city’s largest gathering of digital marketers.

The mission is designed for digital media/ marketing, technology and mobile companies and agencies with an interest in online advertising and publishing. The packed programme, (more…)

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This sounds awesome, details from Georgia Artus of IdeaSpot on the 2day co-working extravaganza, aka. Edinburgh Jelly Trail… join in if you like 🙂

Discover fantastic spaces for mobile working in Edinburgh!

Meet great people, pop in and out as you please, enjoy good food and unlimited wifi!

****JUST ADDED*****


Day One: http://bit.ly/dA40cp

Day Two: http://bit.ly/aCPfXm

Jelly events are a worldwide phenomenon where people meet in public spaces to discuss ideas, make new contacts and work communally for the day. Bring along your laptop, iPad, notebook or simply your brain and let the fun begin! (more…)

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