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A message from IV that seemed worth circulating… (UKTI Missions are wonderful, do have a look at them if this isn’t your area… and if it is, well, what are you waiting for?)

Following last year’s successful trip, the third Digital Mission to New York takes place from 1st-5th November 2010 to coincide with ad:tech New York Conference and Expo, the city’s largest gathering of digital marketers.

The mission is designed for digital media/ marketing, technology and mobile companies and agencies with an interest in online advertising and publishing. The packed programme, (more…)

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Hello again! I’ve spent the last month in a dark cave, a cave devoted to a mission, a mission to make an Edinburgh startup successful through a trade show in Las Vegas. Not just any trade show, but the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an annual extravaganza for the technology industry where dreams and hope go to be discovered! They also go to watch the newest 3D Televisions and play the latest video games, but that’s just a distraction. As was the Adult Entertainment Expo conveniently taking place at the same time, but nevermind.

I really should have done a better job reporting live from CES, and apologies for not having managed, but I felt absolutely consumed by the whole experience (consumed… get it?). On the last morning, I could not find the strength to eat half a bagel – and believe me I am a big eater! Yet on that very afternoon I managed to speak with 8 distributors spread across the biggest exhibition space I have ever seen. Physically I was exhausted, but mentally I was determined. (more…)

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