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Tablets and headphones and giant massage chairs… Oh my! It’s been a fantastic first two days at the Consumer Electronics Show and I thought I’d better press pause to mention some of the initial highlights. I’ve been wandering the halls in a whimsical fashion and crashing events wherever the wind takes me (ie. sneak preview event PepCom, Lenovo party, iHollywood demo party, CES tweetup) and I’ve been lucky to meet tons of great people along the way. Shout out to Paul, John, Craig, Jeff and Dave – you know who you are.

So, what’s the gossip?! My favourite innovation so far is KOR-FX “4D sound” from company Immerz, which may sound a little far-fetched but it is awesome. I experienced Iron Man 2 last night in a whole new way, and let me tell you, I’m sure I was physically there on the set! The tech consists of a headphone-like device worn around your neck, down near your collar bones instead of your ears. You play the audio as normal (via headphones, speakers) and the KOR-FX device vibrates against you so you FEEL the sound in your body in addition to hearing it audibly. You will feel directional input depending if the sound is coming from the right or left, which really brings the whole scene to life like a hologram jumping off a page. (more…)

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It’s that time of year again! Time to escape to Las Vegas with a legitimate cover story, and see what new technologies the world has in store to make our lives cooler, easier, and more bling. Running 6th-9th January CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) is upon us!

I survived what can only be explained as a “shady” bus ride from Los Angeles, and I’m incredibly excited to adventure around CES and see where it takes me. I’ll momentarily be running off to PepCom Digital Experience, so I’d better keep this brief, but I am curious if there’s anyone I can help while I’m here.

Personally, my goals are to (1) explore new technologies, (2) meet cool people doing cool things, and (3) have fun! However, I’m also happy to investigate if there’s a product you want the scoop on, a company you want a contact for, a person you’d like to track down… Is there a way I might be able to help you? I can’t promise miracles but I’m up for giving it a shot! Heck, it will make that 6 hour Greyhound bus journey more worthwhile 🙂

Who has a mission for me? Add it to the comments below and I’ll keep you posted on progress!

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Hello again! I’ve spent the last month in a dark cave, a cave devoted to a mission, a mission to make an Edinburgh startup successful through a trade show in Las Vegas. Not just any trade show, but the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an annual extravaganza for the technology industry where dreams and hope go to be discovered! They also go to watch the newest 3D Televisions and play the latest video games, but that’s just a distraction. As was the Adult Entertainment Expo conveniently taking place at the same time, but nevermind.

I really should have done a better job reporting live from CES, and apologies for not having managed, but I felt absolutely consumed by the whole experience (consumed… get it?). On the last morning, I could not find the strength to eat half a bagel – and believe me I am a big eater! Yet on that very afternoon I managed to speak with 8 distributors spread across the biggest exhibition space I have ever seen. Physically I was exhausted, but mentally I was determined. (more…)

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