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Calling all developers, designers, business folks, marketers, social media strategists, students, and others enthusiasts who would like to have a ridiculously cool, meaningful, and kick-ass weekend…

Good news! It’s time Scotland got to experience the wonderful energy, magic, and startup creation that is Launch48. You’ve heard us blog about it before (here and here), and after enjoying our experience in London we are very excited the crew is crossing the border for the first time to run Launch48 Edinburgh at the end of October.

Hang on, what are we so excited about? Launch48 is an entrepreneurial event where participants have 48 hours to build and launch a web or mobile application. Attendees break into teams of 15-20 people with a mixed set of skills, and in the space of one weekend real businesses are created and launched. With teammates learning from one another, the event is open to everyone from serial entrepreneurs to young professionals to students of all subjects.

Past teams we’ve been a part of (more…)

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Need a voice-over artist for a video? We would love to hear from you asap! Tweet @42Voices or email info@42Voices.com and let us know what sort of thing you’re working on… Or have a horror story of doing your own voice-over? Sorry it didn’t work out, but would be interested to hear about that for testimonials too!

We are running at full speed at Launch48, and with one morning and one afternoon to go, we are nearly ready to launch our snazzy web applications. I’m on a team developing 42Voices, a marketplace to match projects needing a voice with a relevant voice-over artist.

If you’ve ever made a demo or promo video for your startup, then you’re probably familiar with the problem we’re trying to solve. Instead of having to record the voice yourself, or getting your flatmate’s friend or aunt to do it, we’d like to give you access to real voice-over folks in a very quick and affordable manner. Our announcement below! (more…)

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