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With Anthony Ashbrook and Geoff Ballinger busy at Mobile World Congress, we’re delighted to hear the official announcement of Mobile Acuity‘s partnership with 7digital this week.

As experts in mobile visual search, Mobile Acuity’s prior work includes mobile advertising campaigns for Vodafone, such as You Rockstar. Now they’re moving further into the music scene with 7digital, a digital media delivery company based in London.

While Shazam offers song info based on audible recognition, Mobile Acuity’s technology uses visual recognition to retrieve song and album details for users. By taking a photo of a CD cover, billboard, or even a magazine ad, people can use the “Visual Discovery Service” to pull up song and artist information instantly before previewing, purchasing, and downloading music to their mobile device.

So imagine you see an ad for NOW! 98 while you’re waiting for the bus, (more…)

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Local Augmented Reality company – Mobile Acuity – is 5 today! Happy birthday!

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Our favourite visual search startup – Mobile Acuity – has recently announced that they have signed a deal with sccope.com – a mobile shopping site – which allows sccope to take avantage of the product image recognition that Mobile Acuity has developed.

Mobile Acuity’s technology enables users to search for a product simply by taking a photo. Simple you might say … but I guess, that’s the point! Well done Anthony and Geoff. Rumour on the grapevine is that there have even more good news to announce next week, so come back and listen out for more! (more…)

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