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MyPolice, the startup aiming to open up social engagement for Police forces in the UK, is launching today. In a nutshell, the web app aims to make it easier for the public to understand the way their communities are policed, while improving the ability of the police force to communicate new developments, explain its aims and achievements and even challenges.

Primarily, the engagement platform allows people to send feedback and give their opinion about about their experiences, both positive and negative. MyPolice aim to ensure this feedback is responded to by the relevant police department/ individual. Secondly, it is an impartial, independent space where people can find (more…)

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HMIC (Government body assessing the performance of the police) are launching a site called My Police which will report on statistics for the police, this saturday (13th March) at 9.30am sometime (edit: the page has been changed in the past hour).  A quick search on the internet reveals only one reference to the HMIC site; the West Midlands Police Authority’s Chief Executive’s report dated 18th Feb 2010. According to the report, it says:

HMIC have indicated that they intend to publish the ‘Police Report Card’ in the week beginning 8 March 2010. The information will be published as part of the HMIC website, likely to be entitled ‘My Police’. The card is likely to cover a number of themes to include local policing, protection from serious harm, anti-social behaviour and value for money. The report will be a mix of data reports, narrative, gradings and direction of travel.
Of course, the team behind the “exactly” named MyPolice startup which has spun out of Social Innovation Camp last summer was not amused. Lauren Currie, Director at MyPolice sent out an email at 9am this morning, explaining the story behind the whole situation:

On Monday we were notified by email from the HMIC that they are launching a product called My police at midnight tonight. Apparently, to our knowledge, it is a site about the public feeding back on police statistics (including how much they spend in their areas) to discern the best/worst police force in the UK and other such trivia’s.


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Sarah DrummondEach week, we’ll be interviewing a member of the Startup community to find out about their deepest, darkest secrets! We’ll be profiling developers, as well as CEOs – so no one is safe! This week, Sarah has agreed to be our willing victim.

Sarah is a service designer, recently graduated from Glasgow School of Art. She has a focus for improving public services and is dedicated to using design for social change (watch out World!) Her idea for Social Innovation Camp has turned into MyPolice.org, a website to provide feedback to the Police. (more…)

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