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Hanging out at Night Owls

Live blogging from Night Owls … come and join us if you’re nocturnal too!

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Got a side project that you’re working on? Or don’t fancy working 9-5pm? Come and join us at Edinburgh Night Owls on Tuesday night, 7.30pm-late. At Favorit (just opposite McEwan Hall). [edited: was an earlier time of 9pm]

The idea is that its just somewhere that people (developers, designers, writers) hang out and work together. If you’re on the Techmeetup list, then its exactly like the same idea as Royal Society of Hackers, Designers and Watchmakers … but on a tuesday night … with more Owl jokes.

So if you have somewhere to do some work, or want to get some feedback or just want to hang out with people who love working late nights, then come and hang out.


[N.B. No owls were harmed in the making of this announcement]

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