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Are you going to take a guess?

The reason is not usually because of technology.

The reason is usually connected to the project sociology.

What does this mean?  It means people.  We are a complex conglomerate of cells and when evaluating the success of IT projects most of us need to stop thinking that we are in the high-tech business and realise that we are actually in the human communication business.

This is what I’m getting out of the first chapter of Peopleware which is about productive projects and teams in the software development industry.  The book reminds us that though we develop our products or organise our affairs using technology components, we do so via teams and projects.

The authors studied 500 project histories from real world development efforts and found:

  • 15% of all projects were cancelled, postponed or the products were never used
  • 25% of projects that lasted 25yrs or more failed to complete.
  • For a huge majority there was not a single technological issue to explain the failure.


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