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This is the third instalment of my predictions for big tech trends in 2011. Read prediction 1 and prediction 2 as well …

3. The Rise of Multi-user, Multi-device Tablet Applications

Multi-user games and apps are not new (just look at World of Warcraft), but alongside the rise of the new multi-touch tablets, a new type of user experience is possible: co-located, multi-user applications. In other words, apps which allow two or more people to simulatenously interact together over the same device. (more…)

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Today, Google announced that there would be a tablet specific version of android. Codenamed Honeycomb, the release is rumoured to have higher resolutions and APIs that are tablet specific. Apparently, according to Google – apps will know if they are being run on a tablet device.

Video Demo: http://digitaldaily.allthingsd.com/20101206/googles-andy-rubin-shows-off-prototype-motorola-tablet/

Transcript of Demo: http://mobilized.allthingsd.com/20101206/googles-andy-rubin-dives-into-android/?mod=dive-into-mobile

There are some interesting multitouch gestures that Andy Rubin used to rotate and pan the map view. (more…)

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