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Zach Holman, from GitHub, on slide design for people with a non design background. Slides he made to support one of his talks were submitted to Hackers News. To Zach’s surprise, they quickly gained popularity for their design. He then followed up with a short article on his personal blog covering his guidelines when it comes to designing a set of slides.

Via: Zackholman.com

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TEDWe knew the University of Edinburgh’s Professor Harald Haas gave a talk at TED Global earlier this summer. We knew it was about a new spin-out company he’s working on, which turns light bulbs into data sources, aka “li-fi” networks (light-fidelity, li-fi—get it?). What we didn’t know is that it was so fantastic! Hot off the presses and just released by TED, here he is, the amazing Professor Harald Haas!


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TED Global 2011 EdinburghGreat news Edinburgh! TED Global is making the EICC its home from now on. Historically held in Oxford, the conference outgrew the university-city’s capacity.

For those who don’t know: TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. TED brings together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives. (more…)

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@Dreamstake is a network for creative entrepreneurs and last week I attended one of their events: Female Superheroes.When events like this go well, it’s like cocaine for business-minded folk.  Suddenly you feel great and want to rush away to execute your ideas!  There was a good turn out, lots of energy and inspirational stories.  It was great to see such enthusiasm. Several cool women gave presentations but I only have room to give a quick mention to a couple of them here today.

Devilishly Handsome Productions

Thembisa Cochrane from the deliciously named Devilishly Handsome Productions sent out a strong message that women need to be more courageous about technology.  She asked for women to step up and try to (more…)

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I rarely repost another blog post from somewhere, but this post too good not to mention it.

Somehow, late last night, I was pointed to the first ever blog post of Marc Andreessen – co-founder of Netscape and Ning – entitled: “Why you shouldn’t start a startup“. It listed eight reasons why you would be out of your mind to think about starting up new companies.

I particularly loved his first two points …


First, and most importantly, realize that a startup puts you on an emotional rollercoaster unlike anything you have ever experienced.

You will flip rapidly from a day in which you are euphorically convinced you are going to own the world, to a day in which doom seems only weeks away and you feel completely ruined, and back again.

Over and over and over. (more…)

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August comes from the latin word Augustus which means great or very important. When used as an adjective it can mean ‘inspiring admiration’. And yet, the month of August has a terrible reputation…business is slow, work piles up on office desks and decisions get postponed as people take vacation. It can also be thought of as the deadliest month for hospital patients as it is when the annual intake of junior doctors arrives…remind me, how does August compare to other months in relation to death rates in hospitals?

American journalist David Plotz once wrote (more…)

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