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This week, we’re very lucky to have Alex Ogilvie – a well-known figure around the University – as a guest blogger. Having been on “best exhibition stand” judging panels, we thought Alex would be perfectly placed to offer up tips to anyone exhibiting at the upcoming EIE 10 event on 12th May. You can check out Alex’s business at Webwise Business, and the Objective Associates blog that he runs.

1995 was the first time we ever exhibited at a conference/trade show. A bit of a disaster really – completely unprepared – we must have looked like the Beverly Hillbillies. Strangely though we won a huge order on the back of the show – which just goes to show, that sometimes it’s all about turning up rather than having the best football boots.

Trade shows don’t guarantee new or indeed any business, but if you’re a virgin exhibitionist how do you get the most out of a trade show? Shows come in all shapes and sizes so do a bit of research first – nonetheless here are some things that we have done over the years to try and get a return:


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